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Transformation Domination Issue #2 Preview – Vince Del Monte

Posted by Joel Marion on November 12, 2009
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Last week I sat down with muscle building and six-pack expert Vince Del Monte and recorded over 70 minutes of amazing content for Issue #2 of Transformation Domination Monthly.

You can preview a short section of the 70 minute audio below.

The new issue just finished printing and Issue #2 will ship out tomorrow to all current customers.  If you are not a current Transformation Domination Monthly customer, Transformation Domination is FREE to try.  We will send the current issue your way along with the Collection Binder and nearly $200 worth of other bonuses at no cost (just pay S&H), but today is your one and ONLY chance as the new issue ships tomorrow.

In addition to the snippet below, Vince and I also cover:

  • Variable Rep Training and High Frequency Training for maximal results
  • The REALITY  of spot reduction and exactly how it can be done
  • The “Myth” of Overtraining
  • The least effective training variable to change (that everyone changes the  most)
  • Alternate body part sets
  • Identifying 5 different types of “core” people in your life and how to use that knowledge to completely change your life forever

And a bunch more…

Preview the audio below:


To get the entire issue and other bonuses for FREE, visit www.TransformationDomination.com today.  Today is your ONLY opportunity.

www.TransformationDomination.com <——- New issue ships tomorrow

Shawn Phillips Coaching Audio Preview

Posted by Joel Marion on October 5, 2009
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Listen below as Shawn and I discuss the differenced between “exercise” and “training”–along with one word that has the power to make all the difference in the results you get from the time you put in:


And that right there is only 8 minutes of the full 62 minute coaching session included in your FREE Transformation Domination Welcome Package!

Get the entire 62-minute session on CD–along with nearly $700 worth of exclusive, brand new content (including 18 weeks of never before released workouts)–all for FREE, before my lopsided offer expires on October 8th:

==> www.TransformationDomination.com <——- Click before the clock runs out

New BONUS just for the Ladies!

Posted by Joel Marion on October 1, 2009
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I contacted my friend and Mom fitness expert Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy last night to see if she would create a brand new exclusive bonus workout just for the ladies – and being as awesome as she is, she said “no problem!” and delivered for you bigtime!

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Affiliate Disclosure

Posted by Joel Marion on September 7, 2009

To my loyal friends:  I believe in total transparency, and unlike some others, as my trusting subscriber and/or customer I’ll always be up front with you about my business. 

Within the Body Transformation Insider newsletter and blog, I sometimes recommend products, and with those recommendations I sometimes also make a comission on referred sales.  This comission helps to pay for things like site expenses and newsletter delivery, so I can continue to offer things like my free blog, newsletter, and regular insider tips to you at no cost. 

Fact is, I get asked to promote something literally every day (for a comission), and the only products I will ever recommend are products that I 100% believe in and use myself.  If I haven’t used it first hand, found it to be of exceptional quality, and believe it will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals faster, I don’t and won’t recommend it.  Period. 

Thanks so much for being my subscriber–having more than 100,000 people to share my passion with daily is the only reason why I’m able to wake up and do what I love each day.


3 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity

Posted by Joel Marion on June 10, 2009

In yesterday’s post we discussed the counterproductivity of using coffee as a focus or productivity aid during times in which our bodies really just need to “unplug”.

We also mentioned yesterday that every so often (perhaps once every hour or two) throughout the work day we experience a lack in focus and concentration. This is our body’s natural way of telling us “hey, take a break and recharge”.

So what do you do to “recharge”? Grab a cup of coffee? Hopefully by now you see that going that route is essentially the exact opposite of what your body needs.

If you really want to increase productivity, especially during times where mental concentration seems to be lacking, try using some of the strategies I provide below instead of refiring your nervous system (you’ll see that these tactics actually strive to achieve the opposite).

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Win A FREE Copy of Cheat Your Way Thin!

Posted by Joel Marion on April 23, 2009

I’m going to make this post extremely quick and easy.

To enter to win one of THREE copies of Cheat Your Way Thin that I’m GIVING AWAY today, simply reply in the comments section below this post (reply form is at the bottom of the page) with the following information:

In 250 words or less, I want you to tell me exactly why this program is the perfect program for you at this point in your life.  Tell me WHY you NEED access to this information.

Again, please keep your reply less than 250 words, and please, leave finances out of your reply.  This program (via the less than half price pre-sale) will be affordable for literally anyone who wants access to  it.  Anyone.

So, again, leaving the financial stuff out, I want you to tell me, based on everything you’ve learned about dieting over the last 6 updates, why this program is the perfect fit for you.

I will go through the replies early tomorrow and notify the winners via email later in the day.


Good luck!


Have You Been to Friday’s Lately?

Posted by Joel Marion on April 8, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I love food.

Love it.

And when my cheat days roll around, I take full advantage.

So last Saturday (my cheat day) I took a trip over to one of my favorite restaurants—T.G.I. Friday’s—for a late night meal.

Wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood for, but the ribs caught my attention at first glance.

Then I took a little closer look at the menu.

If you’ve been to Friday’s semi-recently, then you know they have a whole section of the menu dedicated to entrees smothered in the Jack Daniel’s BBQ Invitational winning BBQ sauce.

What you may not know (and I didn’t at the time either) is that the guy behind that sauce, and Jack Daniel’s invitation winner is a Body Transformation Insider member and previous client of mine – Chad Hayden.

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