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Transformation Domination Issue #2 Preview – Vince Del Monte

Posted by Joel Marion

Last week I sat down with muscle building and six-pack expert Vince Del Monte and recorded over 70 minutes of amazing content for Issue #2 of Transformation Domination Monthly.

You can preview a short section of the 70 minute audio below.

The new issue just finished printing and Issue #2 will ship out tomorrow to all current customers.  If you are not a current Transformation Domination Monthly customer, Transformation Domination is FREE to try.  We will send the current issue your way along with the Collection Binder and nearly $200 worth of other bonuses at no cost (just pay S&H), but today is your one and ONLY chance as the new issue ships tomorrow.

In addition to the snippet below, Vince and I also cover:

  • Variable Rep Training and High Frequency Training for maximal results
  • The REALITY  of spot reduction and exactly how it can be done
  • The “Myth” of Overtraining
  • The least effective training variable to change (that everyone changes the  most)
  • Alternate body part sets
  • Identifying 5 different types of “core” people in your life and how to use that knowledge to completely change your life forever

And a bunch more…

Preview the audio below:


To get the entire issue and other bonuses for FREE, visit www.TransformationDomination.com today.  Today is your ONLY opportunity.

www.TransformationDomination.com <——- New issue ships tomorrow


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