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What Are YOUR Goals?

Posted by Joel Marion

At random, Dan and I are going to GIVE AWAY 16-weeks of personal TWO-on-1 coaching to someone who leaves a comment below on this blog post.  All you need to do is read below and reply with your 16-week goal to be eligible.

This is WAY over $2000 value and you’re going to get your own personal nutrition coach AND your own trainer and life coach…100% FREE if you win.

Read below and respond in the comment section.

Just this morning me and my good friend Josh were discussing the different types of nutrition strategies we’ve been using along with our current goals, which got me a bit curious about what it is that YOU’RE currently doing.

Are you looking to gain muscle, lose fat, both?

What are your specific goals for the next 16 weeks? How many pounds do you want to lose (or gain) in that time?

I like 16-week goals because it’s the perfect time frame to really make DRASTIC changes to your body and the way you look—aim high, and let me know your 16 week goal in the comments section below.

Then, print off this post (along with your response), and I want you to use it as a source of accountability. Here at Body Transformation Insider, we’re not just about setting goals, we’re ALL about achieving them.  Or as my buddy Dan Long says, “We don’t hit goals, we SHATTER goals!”

Many of you are going to achieve some awesome things in the next 16 weeks—start today by posting your goal below.

(and if you can’t even *post* your goal, you might as well forget about achieving it…now is the time to step up and make it happen—together, as a community)

Talk to you in the comments section!


P.S. Get your 16-week goal in writing! Believe me, responding below is going to be HUGE for your accountability (and ultimately, your success).


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In this 16 weeks, I want to achieve a weight loss of 14 Kg and go back to my self-confident type. I want to be really happy again. I believe that I am sick of hiding behind a ‘happy face’ that I present to world while I know that deep down I am very unhappy due to extra weight that I carry no my body.

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Hi guys,
I have struggled with weight issues all my life.
I was heavy as a child and these issues seem
to have followed me into my adult life. I will be
47 this year and I am really tired of being
overweight. So I would say that my 16 week goal
would be to lose as much weight as I can while
becoming stronger, leaner and more educated.
You are a great source of encouragement. I
believe you get out what you put in, so I will work
hard to achieve my goal, which is to be leaner, stronger and more self confident as on day I hope
to help and inspire others.

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