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ALWAYS eat this with carbs (Part II)

Posted by Joel Marion

The other day I shared with you the one nutrient NEVER to combine with carbohydrates, and today I’m back with part II of this mini series to inform you of the one nutrient you should ALWAYS consume anytime you plan to enjoy some carb action.

But first, a quick recap of the previous article:

In the last article it was suggested that you never consume large amounts of fat and carbs together.  Now, there are numerous reasons why the combo isn’t desirable, but the main issue is the insulin secreted from the carb intake and the “storage”  environment it creates in the blood.  Insulin (storage hormone) + fatty acids = more fat storage.

The presense of insulin also cause several fatty acid transporters to relocate to the cell membrane to make for easier fat storage.

Sure, fat can store itself without insulin, but adding insulin makes the fat storage proces easier.  Needless to say, if you’re looking to lose fat, making it easier for your body to store fat is probably the last thing you want.

Moving on to the one nutrient you should ALWAYS eat with carbs:  Protein, and again for several reasons.

Consuming a large portion of carbs generally results in loads of blood sugar being dumped in to the blood stream and a large insulin response.  When you consume protein with carbs, however, digestion is slowed, blood sugar release is more stable, and the hormone glucagon is secreted to antagonize and control insulin.

Basically, carbs + protein is a much better, controlled situation than eating carbs alone.

Take home message:  Never eat carbs alone.

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