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Win a FREE BioTrust Supplement Package! ($343.70 Value)

Posted by Joel Marion

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing the first 4 products of our brand new all-natural supplement line, BioTrust Nutrition®.  But today, we’re giving away 5 BioTrust supplement product packages to my subscribers, including:

  • 2 tubs of BioTrust Low-Carb™ (one of each flavor) – This is our all-natural time-released protein blend that includes a 25/25/25/25 mix of 4 unique fast and slow digesting proteins.  It’s stevia-sweetened and sourced from cows not treated with dangerous growth hormones, all while tasting great and being high in fiber and low in carbs.
  • A month’s supply of LeptiBurn® – The ONLY scientifically backed supplement on the market specifically designed to increase leptin sensitivity and stabilize leptin levels while dieting.
  • A month’s supply of IC-5™ – Our unique blend of 5 researched-backed, hard-to-come-by ingredients that have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, manage blood sugar and partition carbohydrates to be stored in muscle, not fat.
  • A month’s supply of BCAA Matrix™ – Lose Fat, Not Muscle!  BCAA Matrix™ is a completely revolutionary Branch Chain Amino Acid product that uses 3 forms of BCAAs (free form, ethyl esters, and peptide bonded BCAAs) and 3 different absorption pathways to literally be the most potent, most absorbable Branch Chain Amino Acid product ever created.
  • A BioTrust® Blender Bottle®
  • A BioTrust® T-shirt
  • A BioTrust® Gym Bag

To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us which of our first four products you’re most excited about!  We’ll pick 5 random commenters to receive the above listed $343.70 BioTrust® package for FREE and notify you via email!

Good luck!




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1,823 comments - add yours

knowledge,quality,experience,sincerity and good coaching people comming to my aid in my quest to be the best I possibly can b fit wise???? YES COUNT ME IN!!! :)))))

IC-5! Can’t wait for this product to come out. For me, controlling carb intake and managing blood sugar levels is tough!

I’m looking forward to BCAA Matrix because burning fat and keeping muscle is what this should be all about in the first place! I want to keep my muscle and get rid of the ugly fat! Thanks for all the great information, you keep us all well informed.

Congrats on the new product line! I wish you much success!

It would be great to finally have a supplement company I can trust for me and my clients.

I’m with Chris! I’m excited to try IC-5 and for most of the same reasons. Though I would love to try all the products together to see where I could take my fitness levels! Very exciting! Thanks for all your knowledge and experience in putting together cuttingedge quality products that we can trust!

Joel Marion! I am your biggest fan of losing weight and shedding fat. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I MUST WIN THiS SUPPLEMENT.. I mean if the supplement that you recommend would be far most greatest choice rather buying myself. I must see if this product works and spread the word.
Thank you JOEL!

I’ve been getting your Email messages and really enjoy them. I started working out again a few months ago and I’m getting my abs back. I’m 59 and my body is starting to get back to where it used to be. I’m looking forward to trying the new supplement.


I am new to all of the muscle building and toning, however, I only want to use the best products out there. Thanks!

The protein bland time released,I will love to try ,I’m very. Rat lab,I don’t mind to try,because it is is real my body will tell if not I will just have a severe diarrhea ..
I’m sorry but I’m being honesty

Looks good.

Bio-Trust low carb sounds pretty promising. Together I’d like
To see how they work as a stack. Sounds pretty good!

Wow, sounds fantastic!!! I am excited about the BCAAs. They are so underrated and never seem to get the credit they deserve for helping to spare muscle tissue while dieting.

Awesome! Can’t wait for these especially BCAA!

Joel these products look GREAT! I’m really excited to read that they are sweetened with Stevia. Would love to win and try them all, but excited about the Low-Carb time released protein powder. Thanks for the opportunity!

BCAA Matrix was made for me!!!!! Iam so tired of carrying around. This extra weight I want a healthier, slimmer body so that I can run around chasing my 3 yr old and buy sexier lingerie for my hubby’s eyes..

Balancing blood sugar and carbs would be a great help while getting healthy. Sounds great!

Congratulations. Hard work, knowledge, science and expertise can add to the armor of all of us to achieve body and health excellence.
Your knowledge and achievements open up the road to succes to the rest of us who are privileged enough to share and tap into that knowledge and expertise.
Congratulations again and the most sincere admiration to your work.
Your supplements, nutrition and fantastic training tips are the blueprint of our personal success. Thank you!

I am excited about products which help lose fat and not muscle.

can’t wait to try them all!

always looking for a great low-carb protein blend, can’t wait to try it.

Hi, I have tried everything on the market and cannot lose my belly fat and now my son’s wedding is coming up next month and I am so embarassed. So if I could try the leptiburn or carb one I would be happy thank you.

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