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Win a FREE BioTrust Supplement Package! ($343.70 Value)

Posted by Joel Marion

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing the first 4 products of our brand new all-natural supplement line, BioTrust Nutrition®.  But today, we’re giving away 5 BioTrust supplement product packages to my subscribers, including:

  • 2 tubs of BioTrust Low-Carb™ (one of each flavor) – This is our all-natural time-released protein blend that includes a 25/25/25/25 mix of 4 unique fast and slow digesting proteins.  It’s stevia-sweetened and sourced from cows not treated with dangerous growth hormones, all while tasting great and being high in fiber and low in carbs.
  • A month’s supply of LeptiBurn® – The ONLY scientifically backed supplement on the market specifically designed to increase leptin sensitivity and stabilize leptin levels while dieting.
  • A month’s supply of IC-5™ – Our unique blend of 5 researched-backed, hard-to-come-by ingredients that have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, manage blood sugar and partition carbohydrates to be stored in muscle, not fat.
  • A month’s supply of BCAA Matrix™ – Lose Fat, Not Muscle!  BCAA Matrix™ is a completely revolutionary Branch Chain Amino Acid product that uses 3 forms of BCAAs (free form, ethyl esters, and peptide bonded BCAAs) and 3 different absorption pathways to literally be the most potent, most absorbable Branch Chain Amino Acid product ever created.
  • A BioTrust® Blender Bottle®
  • A BioTrust® T-shirt
  • A BioTrust® Gym Bag

To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us which of our first four products you’re most excited about!  We’ll pick 5 random commenters to receive the above listed $343.70 BioTrust® package for FREE and notify you via email!

Good luck!




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