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Affiliate Disclosure

Posted by Joel Marion on September 7, 2009

To my loyal friends:  I believe in total transparency, and unlike some others, as my trusting subscriber and/or customer I’ll always be up front with you about my business. 

Within the Body Transformation Insider newsletter and blog, I sometimes recommend products, and with those recommendations I sometimes also make a comission on referred sales.  This comission helps to pay for things like site expenses and newsletter delivery, so I can continue to offer things like my free blog, newsletter, and regular insider tips to you at no cost. 

Fact is, I get asked to promote something literally every day (for a comission), and the only products I will ever recommend are products that I 100% believe in and use myself.  If I haven’t used it first hand, found it to be of exceptional quality, and believe it will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals faster, I don’t and won’t recommend it.  Period. 

Thanks so much for being my subscriber–having more than 100,000 people to share my passion with daily is the only reason why I’m able to wake up and do what I love each day.



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