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Welcome to the “Inside”!

Posted by Joel Marion

You are now officially part of the best body-changing website on the internet!

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322 comments - add yours
Reply  |  Quote

Well in two months I will be 52 years old, I am starting a new Job, I am overweight, obese really, out of shape, getting divorced, and in poor health (I have diabetes). I have never really worked out, I have been overweight since I was 5 years old, and on top of that I am going to have to learn the “new” act of Social Interface. I have not dated or for that matter even spoken to many females for over 25 years. I am NOT suffering from an over abundance of self confidence right now but I am trying to help myself. In the last 3 months I have started walking/running, doing pushup, working on my abs, and dieting. I have had a little success in losing weight, but not nearly as much as I need, or would like. I am able to stay on the diet, but I realize it will only work until I quit the constant monitoring (read that as starving myself) and I’m actually enjoying the exercise but don’t see much visual progress and I don’t really have a clear path forward. I need a good plan forward to bring a part of my life into control so I can build toward a new whole individual. The Xtreme Fat Loss 2.0 System defines what I need to anchor me into that new whole person I need and desire to become. I want to be able to say “Joel Marion put me on the path”.

The above is exactly 250 words, no less, no more.

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I’m 77, trying to work out at least every other day. So, I’m keeping my weight more or less stable (67.5 kg, give or take 1 kg) – no 6-pack but no love handles either. So, why do I need yur gift? To spread the best advice possible to my studentd at my Judo club and to the members of my kibbutz! I may be the “authority” to them, but need as much background help as possible. And when (if) I get it, I then will have to adjust any advice to the local conditions – not just change lbs to kg, inches to cm but different food availability etc. So it’s a challenge, but a worthwhile one!

Reply  |  Quote

Joel, I like the web site, it has some great information. A little about myself, i’m 55, male, 5’10”, 230lbs, I have tried to lose weight , i have COPD 40% lung cap. and can’t do much as far as exercise, i was in a bad motorcycle wreak and have a pin in my left ankle and torn acl in my right knee. Do you have any Ideas of what I might be able to do.

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Joel; your new program sound exactly what I have been looking for. Quick, effective and delivers results. I can hardly wait to get the info and begin my new transformation!!!!!

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,
I’d REALLY like to win a copy of your program as I am on a crusade to get myself fit and fabulous looking so that I can launch myself off into a new world.
After being a sole parent for a long time my only child has gone off into his own career and now it’s MY TIME!!!! Thank you for the simple and sensible ideas you’ve already passed on – I hope to hear from you soon with some very good news.

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Hi Joel,

Well I’m a Hardgainer. So why are you on here I hear you ask? Well I’m a 57 year old Hardgainer and I can’t shift that layer of fat on my waistline. In fact every time I measure my waist it’s increased. So I must be pigging out on burgers, chips & pasta, right? No, I don’t. I think I eat very healthily. Bearing in mind I’m weight training and trying to build muscle, I eat a high protein diet. This is a typical weekly menu;-

Monday to Friday

Breakfast 7:00:
Muesli 150g (oat & wheat flakes with dried fruit)
Blueberries (18)
Raspberries (18)
Semi-skimmed milk
Coffee – 2 mugs
EAA’s = 7g of Leucine 3.5g; Glutamine 2.5g; Iso-Leucine 1.75g; Valine 1.75g
Creatine = 4g both mixed with water

Mid-morning snack 10:00:
Cottage Cheese 300g – Cals 180; Fat 1.8g; Sat 1.2g; Carbs 13.5g; Protein 27.6g
flavoured with Cinnamon ¼ teaspoon
Oolong Tea – 1 mug

Lunch 13:00;
Tuna in water (tinned) drained wt 130g – Cals 140; Fat 0.2g; Carbs Nil; Protein 34g
Oolong tea – 1 mug

Mid-afternoon 15:00
Prunes 30g – Cals 61; Fat 0.12g; Carbs 10.2; Protein 0,8g
Dates 30g – Cals 93; Fat 0.7g; Carbs 19.2; Protein 1.2g
Almonds 25g – Cals 157; Fat 13g; Sat Fat 1g; Carbs 3.2; Protein 6g (Fat inc Sat Fat)
Brazils 25g – Cals 174; Fat 17g; Sat Fat 4g; Carbs 1; Protein 4.3g “
Cashews 25g – Cals 149; Fat 12g; Sat Fat 2.3g; Carbs 5; Protein 4.5g “
Oolong tea – 1 mug

Dinner 20:00 This varies but one of the following are typical
Turkey leg roasted (in its own fat) with grapes
Chicken breast fillet (grilled) in tortilla wrap with salad, mayo (ex. light), grated cheese, tomato
Chilli – Beef mince 200g fried in olive oil & drained, chopped tomato 1 tin, peppers, onion, celery, chillies, tom puree & sauce, spices, garlic, cayenne, chilli powder
Pork loin chops or pork chops (2 lean) grilled with vegs

Supper 22:00
Casein protein powder – 60g of 52g Casein protein mixed with water

Training days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) I also have an EAA & Creatine as above before and immediately after the workout, along with a Whey Protein Isolate/Concentrate 62g of Cals 228; Fat 3g; Sat Fat 1g; Carbs 4g; Protein 48g, also before and after. Afterwards only, I have a Protein & Carbs powder 115g of Cals 391; Fat 5.5g; Sat Fat 4.5g; Carbs 78g; Protein 25g; Sugars (Maltodextrin & Fructose) 42g
On Tuesday I go swimming for ¾ hour and I have the EAA & Creatine afterward.

I eat much the same but times are a little irregular, I sometimes miss one or both of the snacks, I often miss a dinner on Sunday. About once a month I have a cheat meal of Chicken Tikka Massalla, and I have ten pints of beer each night! No, not really! I used to drink more than now but I tend to have two pints of bitter 4.5% Friday & Saturday night. Very occasionally I’ll have four pints of 5% lager, but that is becoming rarer. When I eat out I try to select well, but it’s difficult. I never have meat cooked in sauces. I often have 8 oz sirloin steak with salad & chips. I sometimes cut the fat off, but that’s why it’s sirloin.  When it was a regular Saturday lunch I dispensed with the chips as well.

I am a 57 year old male ectomorph
12st 10lb (178 lb)
5’ 10”
Waist 37”
Chest (normal) 39 ½” braced lats 43”

Bodyfat scales say 15.4% fat, 46.5% muscle

What am I doing wrong? I have good Abs muscles, in fact I’d go as far to say that they are increasing in size and hence increasing my waistline size, so I need to get the layer of fat off of them. I would also say that I’m carrying fat in the ‘love handles’ and on my lower back. Despite the layer of fat, in the right light & shadow I can see faint ‘six pack’ lines. What would you suggest? Liposuction?  And why with this diet am I either increasing my fat percentage or at the very least maintaining it? I only drink water during my training. I’ve found that if I attempt to drink anymore than I do already (as above) that I need to use the toilet excessively, like, every half hour. Something to do with the prostate apparently.

I hope you can help me?
Best Regards Al

Reply  |  Quote

Joel, I am not sure where to ask you this question…I would like to purchase the XTFL diet/workout program. Here is my question – I am training for a 5 day 500 mile bike ride. I desperately need to lose the 25 lbs that I have gained over the past year and 1/2. Can I do the diet while doing the training for my bike ride? I could do the bike ride training and the workouts provided by John – but I don’t want to detrimentally impact the results of the program. Thanks for your help.

Reply  |  Quote

Thanks for the main package, will be useful as I have hit a plateau. I started Isabel’s plan on 28th April and so far have lost 28lb but none in the last 5 days which is why I selected your package. I will request a refund of dlxproduct.zip as none of this information is new to me and I am a very good cook, so your main package in conjunction with isabels easy portion guide is best for me.

again, thank you


Reply  |  Quote

I purchased this program last year and have done it two times in the last 12 months. Both times I was successful at losing around 5% body fat. I am wondering if this new “2.0 version” is the same as the one I already have. Are there new workouts/diet strategies? Why would I want to purchase this if I have an older version?

If anyone out there has an answer for me, please let me know. I would hate to miss the launch discount.

Reply  |  Quote

Hi! I purchased the Xtreme Fat Loss program and very much want to do it, but I was somewhat disappointed that it contains a Shake day that requires protein powder. I have a reaction to every protein powder I have ever tried – and I’ve tried high quality ones as well. It is an allergic reaction where my throat closes up and makes breathing quite difficult! Is there any possible way to make the diet as effective without doing a shake day – but substituting with some other equivalent form of eating plan for that day? Thanks!

Reply  |  Quote

Hi, Joel. I look forward to great results from this program. I have about 40 lbs to lose, and started Isabel’s program in January. So I’m eating lots of healthy, organic, unprocessed food. Now to lose this weight! I’m gearing up to buy the supplements, then I’ll be on my way.

Reply  |  Quote

Are hard copies available for purchase or is the online e-books the only method?

Reply  |  Quote

I’m on day four of the XFLD and have a few questions. Are you familiar with Athletic Greens? Is that allowed on the XFLD? If yes, when should it be taken and how should the carbs be counted? Also when taking the krill oil, does that count as a fat? What time of day should it be taken?

Thanks so much!

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel

I am a 20 day veteran of your XFLD programme, hard work at 46 but so far it has been worth it. I recognise that I need to change habits and lifestyle but using your programme I don’t have to lose everything! Looking forward to more help and advice from the site in future.

Greetings from the UK!


Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,
As my family says, I’m a great collector of all things nutritional and exercise related, I’m just have a problem following through with something and putting it into practice. I’m currently 213lb, scale says 46% body fat and with my small frame should be weighing about 120-130 depending on the documentation. Much to my constant aggrevation, I am also quite gluten and dairy intolerant. I have a copy of XFLD and just received a copy of Ninja Tactics with my purchase of the shapeshifter program (thanks for providing the link to that in your last email), my question is there an advantage of the XFLD over the low carb approach in the ninja tactics or vice versa for people with a lot of weight to lose?

Reply  |  Quote

On day 19 I fell back into a rut…but THAT is because I decided I’d do Xtreme Fat Loss…without prepping. Even doing it REALLY imperfectly I’ve cut some fat, definitely increased my stamina and gained some confidence. Now to reverse the starvation mode metabolism!… REally great having he extreme fat loss diet food plan!

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,
Les from the UK here. I purchased the Extreme Fat Loss plan just over 3 weeks ago, after returning from a holiday in Cyprus, seeing some pics of me in shorts and t-shirt and wondering who that fat guy was. Well, I celebrated (?) my 56th birthday recently and decided that things had to change. The exercise part of the plan was hard at first, as I hadn’t done any real exercise in a few years. Plus ( I have to be honest here ) I couldn’t stick to the days where you’re only allowed capsules or shakes, so I adapted the program to suit me, just having some protein and salads on the “starvation”days and otherwise following the basic principles and do’s and don’ts, plus the loads of other free e-mailed tips from Dr K, Mike, Adam & Ryan, Isabel etc. So, eighteen days into the program, the exercise is now feeling good ( instead of like torture ) plus I cracked and weighed myself this morning (I hadn’t intended to do that before the 25 days were up ) and I’ve lost 15 pounds. So, all in all, I’m really pleased. I think that the mental side of this is very important, so the motivational e-mails & videos are really useful and help keep you focused. I’m definitely hooked now on shaping up and getting fitter and healthier, so I will be a regular visitor to the site. Sorry to make this post so long, but I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful. Thanks very much.

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Hi Guys its nice to hear all your stories

I’m noma i started going to the gym last year and i was weighing 90KG by December the same year after 4 months i was weighing 73 now I’ve gain 5 Kilos i want to lose those but i do not know what to do help me guys

Reply  |  Quote

My goals are to loose 10KG in 5 months can you tell me which exercises i must do

Reply  |  Quote

Okay, i am totally confused. How am I supposed to tell my goals when each “link” is to another weight loss site???
I want to lose 30-35 pounds. I am 5’6″ and weigh 165.5 and am, do I have to tell? Seventy-two years old, or young. I have herniated discs and sore knees.
Otherwise, I am a knock out!

Reply  |  Quote

Dear Joel,
I am a just turned 50 yr. old woman, married with two adult children and two grandchildren looking to get into shape. I lost weight down to 165 lbs. from medication had to take from my doctor and was very pleased at this weight. I made the mistake of gaining about 20 lbs of it back from drinking those energy drinks and not eating right (very easy to get hooked on those energy drinks) to give me energy while I was suffering from a shoulder problem, very bad burcitis. Had surgery on the shoulder and needless to say can’t do any serious exercising until it heals. Well I have since stopped drinking the energy drinks and am eating healthier meals with a cheat day once a week. Haven’t lost too much weight for I know I must be exercising to get any effects. Am going to at least start walking for that doesn’t involve the shoulder. I enjoy reading what you send me in newsletters and am going to visit your website more often. Hope to be soon starting to workout to get to my goal weight of at least 150-155 lbs and being a healthy 50 yr. old woman. Thanks for wanting to get to know your readers, Take Care, Cindy =)

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,
I am 65 years old and basically in terrible shape. 240 lb. and all of it on my stomach. I am retired on disability (since 2002) with Osteo Arthritis in my back after spending 15 years as a Certified Orderly in two hospitals. It is so hard to know where to start so I can lose all this extra weight. There is just so much information. My self image is terrible for the first time in my life and I don’t even want to look in a mirror anymore. I am a musician so you can understand how awful I felt when I looked at pics of myself this summer. I refuse to play in public again looking like I do and most of the time I simply stay home. I am married and feel badly even going out with my wife. Lots of the time I refuse to. Somehow I have to lose this extra weight. I am going to start on your list of natural foods today and hopefully….! I’d give anything to weigh under 200 once more.

Reply  |  Quote

Already posted an intro about myself, Cindy Blatazar and forgot to click the button of Notify me of followup comments via e-mail so if you did read my intro: 50 year old married woman waiting to exercise after shoulder heals for I have gained back about 20 pounds after losing weight down to 165 LBs. Also mentioned would like to be at a weight of 150 – 155 lbs. Please feel free to read the comment I already sent yesterday and comment if you would like to. Thanks, Cindy =)

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,

I love your input – however I do have a dilemma. I was involved in an elevator crash some 15 yrs ago, when I was 8 mths pregnant. And at the time of the crash my body was bursting with hormones and all the pain that comes with it. At the time I where also at times in need of a wheel chair (prior to the accident) just because the hormonal messup with the pelvis joints that caused VERY bad pain. And as a result, after crashing 6 floors down into the subfloors of the hospital when STANDING, I now have 4 vertabraes injured – inoperable between my shoulderblades, a 14 degree twist to my spine /lower spine and my pelvis got a 22 degree twist, causing my legs to differ in height with half an inch.

After a substantial amount of time at the rehabilitation and pain center, 2½ yrs three times a week, I found out that I need to keep mobile and warm. I can not lift heavy stuff. So I have been walking as much as I possibly can, thereafter. I know my limits – however I do want to get in shape, swimming is sneaky, because if the water is warm, then I can in best case do 40 laps before I sink. Otherwise, if the water is colder then I have to swim with full clothing on (trousers and sweater), which only lands me at best with 20 laps.

Today I can not afford to get to the public pool to swim, and I am walking with a good pedometer. How can I up my metabolism with my condition? I unfortunately barely eat. However when I do, I always go for the protein and the caffeine. I do not eat veggies nor fruits other than banana and avocado. Got any ideas on how I could get in shape? My bmi is in the 30’s and I feel like a sack of potatoes. I have four slices of whole grain bread with light spread. On a good day I have very thin sliced cheese or thin sliced smoked ham on top together with my morning coffee or rice porridge.

Any tips? I am embracing everything as long as I do not have to eat raw veggies

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Hi Joel,
I submitted my application and made the required payment for your coaching this week and still have not received any notification or follow-up on the program. I am anxious to get started. When can I expect to hear back from you regarding starting the program?
Jean Brakovec

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