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CB-tastic, a HUGE Dinner, and Secret Ingredient Fat-Burning Foods

Posted by Joel Marion

My main man CB-tastic just got in town today and shortly after his arrival we both sat down to a HUGE dinner full of secret fat-burning ingredient foods.

A few things you should know:

1.  CB-tastic is Craig Ballantyne.  DUH.

2.  I’m releasing a new program called The Huge Dinner Diet tomorrow.  It involves huge dinners.  It also involves fat loss. 

Like, LOTS of fat loss. 

How much fat loss?  Take your body weight and divide it by three.

Now multiply it by a BILLION.

That much.

3.  Secret ingredient foods are by far the best fat burning foods you can possibly eat.  In fact, here’s a list of the foods we included in our HUGE dinner tonight, each of them containing the magic “secret ingredient”:

  • Filet Mignon
  • Spinach
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles
  • Wheatberries
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds

I didn’t lie when I said the dinner was huge.  I also didn’t lie when I said dinners of this size are part of a new rapid fat loss diet I developed, The Huge Dinner Diet, due out tomorrow.  And I didn’t lie when I said that ALL of these foods are made up of secret ingredients.

Do you know what secret ingredient all of these foods have in common?

Simple:  ALL of these foods have only ONE ingredient – the food they are.

Broccoli is made up of broccoli – that’s it.

The ingredient list for raw walnuts?  Raw walnuts.

Hey, what’s in those cherry tomatoes?  Oh, I know!  Cherry tomatoes!

The absolute best fat-burning foods are one-ingredient foods — whole foods that contain only one ingredient.

They’re natural.  They’re not processed.  They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and more…in their natural form.

Many folks ask me to analyze their diets and I find that they’re full of highly processed, crapola foods.  If it comes in a box, throw it out.  Instead, try this for just one week:

Eat only natural, unprocessed one-ingredient foods:  meats, fruits, vegetables, oils, nuts, legumes, and seeds.

See how much better you feel.  See how much better you LOOK.

How about you?  How many one-ingredient foods are in YOUR diet today?  Will you join me in eating only one-ingredient foods this week?

At least 100 comments and I’ll randomly select one commenter to receive a copy of The Huge Dinner Diet for FREE.

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239 comments - add yours
Reply  |  Quote

I totally agree. I have been doing this for a while. I am 55 but most people think that i am in my late thirties.

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One ingredient foods is basically how I eat and call it healthy eating. No sugared cereals for breakfast, but some easy over eggs and Greek Yogurt with Blueberries. Simple, but large Romaine salad with tomatoes, avocados and grilled chicken breast for lunch. Dinner is grilled chicken or a medium rare steak with grilled veggies like summer squash and more Romaine Salad.

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Hey Joel, how did you get my idea of food. I am the only person who has weight problem where I live, so I never cook for me. When I am hungry I eat an apple and drink water or have a handful of nuts , sometimes I grab 2/3 tomatoes, sprinkle salt, pepper, olive oil and apple cedar vinegar on it and blend it in the food processor and have it. I don’t waste time making or thinking about food, as thinking and planning to prepare food makes me hungry and eat more. I just eat something before I get real hungry. I have lost 37 lbs by following this method. This was my secret , how did you get to know about it !!! :)

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Hi Joel, sooo agree with the one ingredient foods, have been using for about 2 weeks now along with exercise. no weightloss yet but am starting to tone up, have 6 stone to lose so a long way to go but little by little and the right diet & exercise combination and I´ll do it. I love to read you and Isobel De Los Rios every day, you both inspire me to do well. I am 51 now and have had this weight for almost 20 years but hey, each day is a new day and my new beginning was 2 weeks ago so onwards I go with only good stuff – no more crap !!

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i want tht diet so bad :D
my first comment :D

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One-ingredient natural foods taste better. The taste is real and stimulaltes taste buds. Thanks.

Reply  |  Quote

It sounds like an interesting idea so I will definitely give it a try. I think it would be hard to avoid any processed food, especially long term, but if your Huge Dinner Diet has suggestions on how to do this I would love to see it!!

Reply  |  Quote

You have left out any unprocessed grains such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, and millet which are all low glycemic and recommended by many of your buddies whose website you refer to…also, if would seem not to make sense to eat a huge dinner, even if unprocessed, since most people go to sleep right after, and unless there was a big workout beforehand to rev up the metabolism, the calories from a large dinner will not get burned, but stored as fat. Also, it also again goes against the eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day (including the low glycemic whey protein shakes your “buddies” also recommend” to avoid large drops in energy levels. I can’t imagine eating this way for anything longer than a week is going to promote longterm fat loss. And if I eat a large dinner, I always find it hard to eat breakfast when I wake up because I am not hungry and find that either I force myself to eat something, or the low energy from missing breakfast persists thoughout the day.

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You can’t go wrong with whole foods. Mix and match them for great tasting combinations.
Questions: 1) Shouldn’t they also be organic? 2) Why do you only have one meat listed?

Reply  |  Quote

Once again another great way to help people eat healthier, especially at dinner, which is probably one is one most important when considering fat loss.
Good work Joel!

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I have always been a healthy eater, but when it came down to the wire and I was in a hurry it sometimes seemed “easier” to reach for something prepared. mind you, I still ate “healthier” prepared foods. However, when I cleaned out the cupboard and really got serious about eating ONLY natural ingredients, and focusing on only one ingredient then I really started to feel great and look great!

Now I am getting down to a healthier weight, and I have more energy to do all of the things I love to do. AND, cooking this way is easy! My children love it, too. Even thinking about eating junk makes my stomach turn, and I think about how I used to feel when I ate junk. YUCK! I like life better this way!

Thanks for the work you do promoting healthy lifestyles for all. You help to keep me motivated and on track!


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Love the Big Breakfast Diet. I am the only one in my family that enjoys a big breakfast. Everyone else waits till lunch and sometimes dinner to get their big meal. My kids (17 & 20) are not fans of eating right. My 17 year old especially, Dominoe’s is the main meal source there. My 20 year old is slowly starting to get better, more readily trying new foods. Your Big Dinner Diet book would be fantastic to get my family motivated to eat more healthy. Can’t wait to see it.

Reply  |  Quote

I have been trying to eat more one ingredient foods, so this diet would be great! Thanks!

Reply  |  Quote

Can I be the random lucky winner, or has the time passed?

Reply  |  Quote

I love raw foods… can’t wait to check out the huge dinner diet!

Reply  |  Quote

Thank you Joel. I always knew if Mother Nature made it, it’s better for you than something out of a box, can or bag.

Reply  |  Quote

This sounds like the Paleo diet I have been thinking of following! I would love to receive your new book. Having suggestions is really helpful. It does get challenging to keep things interesting on my own. Thanks for all you do to help us be healthy.

Reply  |  Quote

Sounds like the way to got – how I want to prepare food all the time. Unfortunately I am often too easily tempted to add less healthy ingredients to the wholefoods diet. I make wonderful fresh cheeses from our goat’s milk. With ‘Fruit & Honey’ cheese the children will just drink the whey straight. With the ‘Herb & Garlic’ (all out of our garden of course) cheese I use the whey as part of the stock for a vegie soup. I desparately need more fully ‘real food’ ideas so I don’t get tempted to stray as much.

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Thank you. You are so right.!

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Just started the Xtreme Fat Loss diet and have not been eating much processed foods since diagnosed with celiac…biggest weakness is prepackaged carbs (GF bread, chips, crackers). Working with the family to read more labels and eliminate processed food all together. Toughest part is planning ahead.

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Yes! I am ready to join you. Lets start it in right way. Bye bye to processed foods. only natural food and that too with only one ingredient.
come on! lets reveal the secret.

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Great Idea! Sounds great. Does it only involve eating once a day? The Big Breakfast Diet was awesome too, great results!

Reply  |  Quote

Hello, I have been a healthy eater for years , I don’t eat processed food , sometimes I cheat but certainly not on a regular basis then again who doesn’t :) My skin, hair, muscles, training performance, everything changed to the best.
I am wondering from reading your list, how blue cheese crumbles can be not processed, they are made from more than one ingredient and are surely processed.
Thank you for your post

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Joel once again you have proven yourself to my a fitness guru.

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This makes total sense – it’s something I’ve aimed for forever, (just ‘waaay tooooo much of it! ;) with the occasional walk on the dark side for macaroni & cheese and potato chips…
But a great question was raised by ksmith – “but doesn’t this then defeat the purpose of consuming pre/post workout shakes and/or protein shakes?”
I wondered that myself, as I am in ‘cycle 4’ of the Xtreme Fat Loss System (with good results by the way). But with the XFL system, the days are carfully planned out with specific food intake and workouts specifically organized to work in combination. When I am finished the first 25 day regimen, I will be re-integrating this ‘single ingredient’ food method for good…well…with chips as a treat…
I will do the XFL system again in a couple weeks, breaking at the end of each 25-day-cycle for a couple weeks until I meet my goal.

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