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7 Topics, One Post – KILLER Content

Posted by Joel Marion

An Extremely Content-Rich Interview with my friend Vince DelMonte, and a special guest appearance from his girlfriend, Flavia!

Vince and Flavia at their recent Photo Shoot in the Dominican

Vince and Flavia at their recent photo shoot in the Domincan.

Alright, let’s get right down into it, Vinny.  A lot of people work out, few people see real changes from their efforts.  Why do you think so many people fail to see results from the time they spend in the gym?

People are focusing on time spent instead of time invested, and that’s an extremely important distinction. For example, last night I saw this dude in the gym attempting a Bent Over Row.  He picks up the barbell, leans forward about 2 inches, does about ten reps with maybe a few inches of movement, racks the bar, stands up tall and gets some water. No sweat. No noise. No change of facial expression.  Nothing.  I’m thinking to myself, “Go home, man!  Where’s the intensity?  Take up knitting or basket weaving!”

Two problems:

1. Most trainees do not know what intensity looks like. They are a product of their environment and the lack of energy and intensity rubs into their own workouts, whether they are aware of it or not.  After you become a fly on the wall and watch my DVD’s you’ll see and hear what real intensity looks like.  We don’t use professional athletes or scripted models in my DVD’s.  Instead I use real weights, real intensity, real sweat and real effort.

2. Most trainees have horrible technique.  Again, time spent instead of time invested.  I could cut your workout from 60 minutes to 15 minutes just by adjusting your foot position, hand grip, elbow position, hips etc.  Same weights, better technique and you’ll feel like it’s your first workout ever and say, “What the heck have I been doing all these years?”  Another cool thing about the workouts I filmed is that I also take the time to show you proper lifting technique instead of paying $100 an hour for a trainer.

Agreed 100%, although I do like to knit from time to time.  Let’s talk crucial elements.  If someone is looking to shed fat extremely fast, what are 2-3 elements that they need to include in their training?

1. Lactic acid. Lactic acid production from high intensity training leads to an increase in Growth Hormone which burns fat faster from your body. You need to actually feel the “burn” (that’s lactic acid build up in muscle tissue) and you shouldn’t just be casually going through a workout while breathing normally.  I see WAY too many people doing this in the gym, and it’s the reason why people don’t see results.  Workouts need to be CHALLENGING.

2. Sweat. You need to leave a trail of sweat in the gym and be at least 1-2 pounds lighter after every workout.  My 4-day and 5-day six pack programs are designed to heat up your body like a furnace and dig fat from the most stubborn spots for energy.

3. Stop babying yourself. Don’t leave anything on the gym floor when you train.  Treat each rep like it’s your last and each set like you don’t have another.  In my six pack programs I even encourage people to stop counting reps and focus on quality instead of quantity.

Right on.  Alright next, question, and this is one that I get a lot from readers, but I’m sure you’ll have a great answer. Do you feel that someone can build an optimal physique without resistance training (i.e. just with diet and cardio alone)?

No.  Next question.

Well that was easy enough, lol.
Let’s switch it up and talk about your girlfriend, Flavia.  I know Flavia has been using a lot of your workouts as well, and I’d venture to say that she looks EXACTLY like most women want to look — lean, sexy, and tone.  What would you say to women who are hesitant to train with weights, or particularly, the training routines included in your DVD series?

My take:
Stop taking advice from people who don’t look like you want to look!  Would you take money advice from your friend is living pay check to check?  So why take female fitness advice from a girl who doesn’t look like you.  But rather than take it from me, Flavia is actually sitting right beside me now, so here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Flavia: For me having shapely arms is a powerful ego boost and believe me they get noticed.  I have always wanted people to know I workout, instead of just assuming I’m just naturally thin.  The time I’ve put in doing Vince’s workouts (which have been a heck of a lot of fun), have given me the lean, sexy look I’ve always wanted, but didn’t have until just recently.

There are also quite a few other female-friendly benefits of weight training, such as an increase in metabolism.  More muscles burn more calories, helping to speed along weight loss and achieve you fat loss goals faster.  Another huge problem area for women are their triceps…well without weight training, you will still have the loose flap waving back at people. It is important to know proper techniques for lifting weight but it is well worth learning….the results you achieve by doing things the RIGHT way will make you want to learn more and lift more.  And don’t be worried that you will look like a man…I certainly don’t think I do!

Awesome stuff.  I know hearing directly from another female (who looks like you look), really helps a lot of people, so thanks for popping in!  On that note, while I have the two of you here, since you both did my Extreme Fat Loss Diet (which I’m GIVING away to anyone who picks up Vince’s DVDs this week through http://VincesDVDs-JoelsBigTimeBonus.com), let’s discuss the program and results you guys experienced.  Can both of you sum up your experience prepping for your recent photo shoot with the Extreme Fat Loss Diet?

Vince: For me, it was very stimulating and rewarding and easy. Dieting has NEVER been easy for me in the past.  I saw insane changes in my body over the last 3 weeks, going from a very lean 206 to a WAY leaner 197 and looked bigger than ever (I even put on a few pounds of muscle while getting that lean, which is unheard of).  And the best part is that you get to Cheat every 5th day!  How easy is that?

I also loved the diet because I thrive on being told, “Fast this day…”, “Cheat this day…”, “Protein depletion this day…” etc.  Each day had one focus and a new challenge.  It was better than trying to “low carb it” all the time.  There was a specific goal and the results came so fast you looked forward to the next cycle.

Flavia: The program was killer.  Seeing new results every day was an amazing feeling.  It was truly a mental power building program. After each week I felt empowered by sticking strictly to the plan…I felt I could conquer the world. Everyday I looked at the mirror and saw changes….abs, glutes, thighs.  My arms become tighter, my face slimmed down and people were FINALLY commenting.  And I did it all while working crazy nursing shifts!

The food options were ideal and the cheat days…my favorite :).  I have always ate healthy and to be able to eat those foods that I deprived myself of, and lose fat faster, was pretty awesome.  So many people were commenting about being able to eat those foods and still see results.  It now makes perfect sense and I could literally “feel” my metobolism sky rocket the day after my cheat…LOVE IT.

The program is awesome, Joel…seriously.  Thanks so much for helping us get photo ready!

Well, you’re very welcome and it was my pleasure!  As a reminder, if you pick up Vince’s DVD package through this link ==> http://VincesDVDs-JoelsBigtimeBonus.com, you’ll get the beta version of the Extreme Fat
Loss Diet for free (six months before it goes on sale somewhere between $97 and $197 next year).

Alright Vinny, so you just turned 30, and to celebrate you’ve re-released your DVD series (9 DVDs in total) with ALL of your workouts in hard copy — FINALLY, after selling out the first 500 copies back in April in less than 4 days.  So, you have 500 more, is that correct?

Yes, I’ve been getting a lot of people emailing me the past few months asking when they’ll be able to get the hard copies again, so I figure I’d do a limited run for my Birthday along with a substantial sale.  I’ve never discounted my stuff before, but it’s my 30th and I figure I get to call the shots :)  So, I’m doing something I probably won’t do again until my 40th!

The DVD’s sold for $247 last April, and this time you get a $50 discount on the same 9 DVD’s but that’s NOT my birthday present to you.  You also get $331 of my top three digital programs (go to each individual website and you’ll see that’s what they add up to if you ordered individually today or after this Friday) plus over $400 of limited time bonuses.  So basically you get $900 of my best stuff for less than 200 bucks!  I figure it would make a nice Christmas gift to yourself or to your loved one as well.

Oh yeah, and you’ll also get Joel’s Extreme Fat Loss Diet, the same program that Flavia and I used (along with my workouts) to get into tip top shape for our photo shoot when you order through Joel’s special page at http://VincesDVDs-JoelsBigTimeBonus.com.  It was honestly the fastest we ever lost fat in our lives, and to think that we did it while eating whatever we wanted every 5th day is pretty nuts.

It’s a pretty ridiculous deal.  The digital version of your top fat loss program, Your Six Pack Quest, sells for over $100 alone at that website, and that’s like one tenth of the total package your offering here.  You’re also offering a bunch of other bonuses-what do you feel is the coolest element or bonus included in the Birthday Bash package in your opinion?

Honestly, it’s NOT the three years worth of workouts!  It’s the Day-In-The-Life DVD.  There are over 2 hours of footage that focuses on my faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, fun and my girlfriend Flavia!  I’ll tell you how I bought my first house before the age of 24, built a 7 figure business before the age of 30, show you the books I read, you’ll meet my 8 “kids”, we take a trip to my therapist’s office and much more.  And Flavia steals the show…we have a ton of killer footage from our trip to Punta Cana and do a lot of laughing and rambling about life, bar nights, photo prep, singing in the car and lots more.

I’ve never seen a fitness professional ever pull back the curtain like I did.  Why did I do this?  I want to show you that the success they experience in the gym can be carried over to all areas of your life and how it has for me.  I’m really excited to hear your feedback on this piece I included.

Believe me, we’ve hung out many times and I have no doubts people are in for quite a show :)  Alright, last question, what is the biggest success tip you could give to someone looking to radically change their body in a short period of time?

You have to have a bigger reason to succeed than just to help yourself.  I view my body as an opportunity to SERVE and INSPIRE others.  As an example, my girlfriend benefits more from my body than I do and vice versa.  Sure I get compliments and stares and I feel like a stud when I take my shirt off but lets think about all the people who see my pictures or see me walking around on the streets. I m a walking symbol of, “It’s possible.”

Then there’s my brothers and little cousins and close friends who see me every day?  Think about how much they benefit from being inspired by me investing in myself.  By being a positive example and role model I’m able to influence my circle of friends and have a greater impact on the world.  How is that for motivation?  I hope that does not sound too heavy or deep, but when you experience it first hand, it’s as real as it gets.

Aside from the money you’ll save this week and the 3 years worth of education, give yourself the BEST body for your loved ones, not for just yourself.

Thanks for an amazing content-rich interview, Vinny!  You always over-deliver.  And thank’s to Flavia for a special guest appearance!  I can’t wait to see the two of you again in January at my event here in Tampa.

Pick up Vince’s DVDs, my BIG-time bonus, ALL the other bonuses, and everything else he is offering at the Birthday discount here:

==> http://VincesDVDs-JoelsBigTimeBonus.com

I actually just called Vince and asked him to pop by the blog later today, so if you have any questions, both he and I will be here to answer them for ya-just post ’em below in the comments section!

I’m even going to try to get Flavia to come over, too, so if you have questions for her, post ’em!

Committed to your success,



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Again, thanks a lot.. Your posts are a great help to me.. I use Bodylab products: http://www.bodylab.dk/shop/frontpage.html – in case you understand Danish :) I’m really satisfied with them and it doesn’t seem like it has any of the normal sideeffects (when it comes to proteinpowder).. I don’t feel bloated or sick in any way, get bad breath every time I drink it, have problem doing nr. 2 (sorry ’bout that info), etc.. Besides that their Carb product is 100% pure maltodextrin and therefore, mixed with proteinpowder, should be a good substitute for the Prograde Workout.

Wow, what you just wrote about your eating habits during your CYWT week was a mindblower for me. I know it’s all about getting used to the new lifestyle and find out where you can get off with some shortcuts (and I probably would have found a lot by myself), but you just made it all SO much simpler.. I started on the program yesterday (Cheat day :D) and slept a bit too long this morning, but still I’m really excited I’ve actually begun..

Nomatter what I’m going to save your posts and use them as extra guidelines as I’m getting started.. The world needs more persons like you ! See you around in here..

I wish you all the best !

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@Morten – Like I said, I’m always glad I could help. Getting into new eating habits is always a bit of a struggle and the sooner you learn the different tweaks, the smoother the transition. I think you’ll find that when the priming phase is over (which at least for me is no pic-nic) and you get to the core phase where you get to be alot more flexible you wont even think of it as a diet. I don’t anymore, the only thing I feel is that for the first time I’m eating the way I WANT to eat, no struggles except for occasional cravings that are so so much more managable than before.

I wish you good luck and all the best on starting a “new life”. I’ll see you around here

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In the priming phase, what is allowed in a post workout shake? I workout at 5:30 am. Usually I have 1 scoop Whey, 1/2 banana, some other frozen fruit and almond milk. What goes, what stays?


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hi how do i get the extreme fat loss beta, i signed up for the vince dvd package but dont know how. i really need this system because i have hardly and muscle and too much fat, but have never been able to successfully cut cause i lose all the muscle i previously had

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Hi, Joel.
Secret #3 in “Fat Loss Exposed” appears to contradict “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler. He also gets good results by violating Secret #3. Maybe metabolism is not “generic” but varies with each person?

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Should you exercise on cheat days and which is best ,aerobic,interval,step,resistance?Any help would be really appreciated.Whens the extreme fat program out?Best wishes,sue

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Serious Joel youand Vince are the MEN
i gained so much muscel with vince help and i lost so much by adding some of your tips :) its crazy

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Привет всем!
Отличный форум :)

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Nice blog ;-)

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