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The Coolest eBook Ever – Ninja Nutrition Tactics

Posted by Joel Marion

So, I’ve decided to take “Ninja Nutrition Tactics” out of the vault for the first time since February.

What’s Ninja Nutrition Tactics?

Without a doubt, some of you know exactly what it is, while many others probably don’t.  So, for those who do not, allow me to get you “up to speed”, as they say.

First, NNT is an eBook, and its full name is:

Ninja Nutrition Tactics: Stealth Techniques to Slice Through Any Fat Loss Plateau

I know, awesome name.

BUT, perhaps even more awesome than the name is its contents, and believe it or not, the whole thing kind of came together by “accident”.

You  see, back in February, a good friend of mine, Rohn Jomaniello, released a pretty sweet e-course called Final Phase Fat Loss, which was, as you may have deduced from the name, a training program specifically designed to help users bust through fat loss plateaus and lose those last, stubborn pounds once and for all.

You can see a picture of Rohn here:


Weird dude, but hey, he’s got a knack for helping people lose those last 10 lbs, so what can I say.

Anyway, as a little incentive for my customers and newsletter subscribers to purchase John’s program, I decided I would put together a short guide that included some plateau-busting nutrition strategies to compliment John’s training advice.

And that I did.

But, what I didn’t know when I first starting writing NNT is that it would end of being one of the best eBooks I’d ever written.  I mean, I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be THAT good.

You see, when I sat down to write NNT, I was originally thinking it would end up being somewhere around 20 or so pages of “cool” nutrition info.

Then, I started writing.

20 pages…

30 pages…

40 pages…

50 pages…

60 pages…

And I didn’t stop until Ninja Nutrition Tactics held 63 pages of my most advanced plateau-shattering nutrition strategies (11 in total), each one guaranteed to get the scale moving again immediately, regardless of how long you’ve been “stuck” at your current weight.

And as a bonus, the whole thing is pretty darn funny.  Like, take my funniest blog post ever, and then multiply it by 337.

That funny.

So, why the heck am I telling you this?

Well, as I alluded to at the beginning of this post, Ninja Nutrition Tactics hasn’t been available since February, but I AM going to be “releasing” it for a short, few days next week.

You’re not going to want to miss the opportunity, because, it’s very likely that after those few days, these stealth techniques will be going BACK inside the vault for good, or at least for another very long time.

Why?  Quite frankly, these are my best techniques, many of which no one has ever heard of, used, or seen before (apart from my private clients).

And while I’m OK with sharing these ‘private-client’ techniques with a very select group of my loyal subscribers and customers so that YOU may also enjoy the unfair advantage they provide, I really don’t want these techniques getting out there amongst the “masses”.

Also, while it’s not my intentions to hype this up, I have to say that NNT is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever written.  Anyone who owns it already knows that.

And for those of you who don’t, you’ll have a brief opportunity to secure your copy next week.

Can I trust you to uphold the ninja code of secrecy?

At least 300 comments and maybe I’ll post a “sample” Ninja Nutrition Tactic straight from the NNT manual later this week ;)

Until then, be true to the way of the Ninja.

*Ninja vanish*

Shogun Marion

P.S.  I’m now doing virtually ALL my cooking with coconut oil – if you want to know why, click HERE.


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