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“Kill Mode” and Fat Loss Domination

Posted by Joel Marion

Here’s a little-publicized fact:

If you want fast results, you’re going to have to work out HARD.  Oops…looks like I just lost 99% of the world as a potential customer.

Nevertheless, it’s a FACT.  Effective fat burning workouts are uncomfortable by nature.

Let me ask you this…

When is the last time you felt “uncomfortable” during a workout?  I’m talking about “hands-on-your-knees, sucking-wind, sweat-dripping-on-the-gym-floor” uncomfortable?  For most people it ain’t recent.

But it’s absolutely necessary.

Why?  Because it’s not about how many calories you burn during a workout – it’s about how many calories you burn after.

Classic example:  For the last two weeks I’ve been working out with a guy by the name of Dan “The Machine” Long.  He doesn’t call himself that, but I do.  Why?  Because he’s a machine.  Pretty self-explanatory.

Well, yesterday Dan put me through a workout that resulted in me burning 647 calories in 45 minutes.  Not too shabby.  But that’s not where the real magic happened – no, the real magic happened about 20 minutes later when I pulled in to my garage and that same calorie monitor read 1009 calories. 

That’s 362 additional calories burned while sitting on my butt driving home – that’s more than most people burn in a 30 minute workout, and I did it while sitting around.

Had I left the calorie monitor on for another hour, it probably would have read somewhere around 1500 calories (nearly TRIPLE the caloric burn of the actual workout).

And I attribute that kind of dramatic “afterburn” directly to the intensity of the workout, and more specifically to a concept that Dan refers to as “kill mode”.

What is kill mode?  Well, allow me to define it for you, straight from Results Dictionary:

Kill Mode (‘kil · mōd) noun – a mental shift that occurs approximately half way through a work set in which fatigue is ignored, adrenaline prevails, and all-out max effort fat loss domination begins


A practical example:

Let’s say you’re doing a timed set of jump squats for one minute.  The first 30 seconds is auto-pilot.  The final 30 seconds is when you enter kill mode – you forget about how you’re feeling, you allow adrenaline to take over, and you give it your all.  You push.  You go harder.  You dominate.

That’s kill mode, and it works — bigtime.

Is it uncomfortable?  YES.  Is it HARD?  Absolutely.  Does it require mental toughness?  You better believe it.

But as I stated at the very beginning of this post, you’re NEVER going to get the results you’re after without truly, genuinely working HARD.

Think about it – are you truly pushing yourself during your workouts?  Does each set end with a “kill mode” moment?  If not, you’re barely scratching the surface of your fat loss potential!

So here’s what I want you to do:  If you’re willing to commit to giving “kill mode” a go in your next workout, respond by leaving a comment below.  At least 200 comments and I’ll be back tomorrow with 3 more workout tips for maximal fat loss.



P.S.  This is your opportunity to show your commitment to pushing yourself and taking your workouts (and results) to the next level by commenting below.  Step out and make the commitment – I’m first in line, and I want you with me.  Talk to you in the comments section!


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286 comments - add yours
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Yes man, you are the man… give more tips for the guys really wants to see this equation. how many efforts to equals good visible results..

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I needed to hear this. I’ll definitely work harder to getting to this level

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hey Joel what is your take on the eat stop eat diet. I know you disagree with the cal in cal out and i think thats the main focus of eat stop eat so would you say that its not a good diet?

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How do I know when I’m in the kill zone?

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Is adrenaline you are referring to or endomorphins (runner’s wind) ?
Kill mode i think is what you have to look for in every workout, fat loss or muscle building, that is exactly where the high comes from, the best feeling in the world, well maybe the second best ;)
Only when a body goes out of it’s confort zone it has a reason to change..
Call me a masoquist but if i’m not going flat out in every exercise i might as well just stay home and recover so i can push it to the limit the next day..

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I’m definitely try this”kill mode” method on my next workout.

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how often should i get into “killmode” before i should start backing off to prevent overtraining???

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I’m following Isobel’s program and like it … have been switching to organic foods and have been mixing up my workout with more weights and less cardio, but keeping it amped up with quick 1 minute cardio inbetween reps … Getting better but looking for more burn and faster results if possible … I’m ready!

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Hello Vic the consular officers are taking into account an individual’s economic and family ties to the United States as well as outside of the United States.

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Are you certain about that?

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