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Win a FREE copy of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet System!

Posted by Joel Marion

I’m going to make this post extremely quick and easy.

To enter to win one of FIVE TWENTY copies of the entire Xtreme Fat Loss Diet system that I’m GIVING AWAY today, simply reply in the comments section below this post (reply form is at the bottom of the page) with the following information:

In 250 words or less, I want you to tell me exactly why this program is the perfect program for you at this point in your life.  Tell me WHY you NEED access to this information.

Again, please keep your reply less than 250 words, and please, leave finances out of your reply.  This program (via our special launch pre-sale) will be affordable for literally anyone who wants access to  it.  Anyone.

So, again, leaving the financial stuff out, I want you to tell me, based on everything you’ve learned about dieting and FAST fat loss over the last 6 updates, why this program is the perfect fit for you.

I will keep the contest open for a full 24 hours, and then will go through the replies and notify the winners via email sometime on Saturday!

Good luck!




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3,168 comments - add yours

I am also a fitness and nutritionist professional who is looking for friends and potential partners. I already have access to information from your buddies at Roman fitness and Dr. Karem, and I believe that you will give me the same. Why I believe that? Because you can help kids even if you don’t have much time.
I am in a process to open a nonprofit organization (septmber 2010) helping kids to prevent obesity and to be more proactive to a healthy lifestile. You as well can be on advisory board if you like.

Hi Joel. Coming off of recent surgery, I am still healing up and not able to work out yet. Will get the green light very soon! I have tried many, many ways to lose weight and trim the fat. I travel alot for work and don’t always have time to get in those workouts. What I need to kick my butt and get things in high gear is your help! This program would be a huge help to me! Thanks!

Hi Joel,
I want the program, not only for myself, but also for the many clients I’ve worked with as a personal trainer. I have seen way too many unsuccessful situations btwn trainer and client where, tho it is GREAT they are staying active, there is something wrong with the weight loss portion of the training program. If your program could help me as a trainer have 100% success FINALLY with the weight loss of my clients and those of the trainers I share it with, we could exponentially multiply the # people getting your valuable information. Also, I believe that dietary lifestyle change must be nutritiously complete, and I see that in your program. In happiness & health, MK

I am a fit person who runs half marathons and paddles my K1 on a regular basis – I exercise at least 4 times a week. I am fortunate to be able to live in a beautiful city (Cape Town, South Africa) so I am able to run weekly on the mountain. The problem is that I CANNOT, despite best efforts, lose my fat tummy. It has been stressing me out for years. I have got to a stage in life where I want to look and feel good. Extra (lean) upper body muscle will help me in my sporting efforts as well. I am really, really keen to have access to a program that provides me with the tools to a better body. I am more than willing to put in the work required.

I want to be forty fit and fabulous instead of forty fat and frumpy! two months to go. The pressure is on. Have lost about 1 stone over the last 6 weeks. Would be delighted if I could shift another one next month! applying some of the guidelines already has made a difference. need more info to boost success!

Hey Joel,

I have always thought that being fat is happy. But until I graduated from high school, I see the big picture about being FAT. I’ve tried to go on diets without having much to eat on my meals and i lose weight. In a sense of losing muscle tissues and not fats. Until having to read up about your articles and researches, I have improved much since. But I still got a long way to go. I’ve never had anyone to be an inspiration to me until I have met you. The changes in your photos motivates me to carry on this modified special diet and training routine of mine and I have not given up since yet.

This Xtreme Fat Loss Diet System will definitely guide and help me improve on my health, self-image, confidence and my passion in life.

Kelvin (Panda)

I am so frustrated with not being able to lose my belly fat. I work out in the gym at least 4 days per week, (I never miss, even when I go on vacation). I lift weights and do yoga/pilates. I’ve given up gluten, eat mostly organic and very little dairy (just raw cheese occasionally). I am a size 12 and want to get to a size 8. My downfall is that I have a sweet tooth and have tried to curve it with dark chocolate. Anyway, I would love to try your program. I’m frustrated after trying so many different ones. I just want to see results!!

I am 31. I am affected by Polio in my left leg. All my life, I have been using rather over using my right leg. Because of my eating habits, work timings, I have been constantly putting on weight. I have been doing exercises for my upper body as I cannot strain my lower body because of above reason. That is not helping me to reduce or even maintain the weight. I am have looked for various options like crash dieting, GM diets, etc. Even though I am a vegetarian, I am not getting where should I say No to certain food. I hope your system will help me reducing my weight, and save my leg.

Hey Joel,

Everything has its time and its purpose. Xtreme Fatloss Diet is perfect for me at this point in time for three main reasons.

1. I have a conference to attend at the beginning of June with many on-line friends from my weightloss support group. Many of these people look to me as a role model. Having lost 50# on my own, these last 15# have been a battle. The timing is perfect, to goal is clear and the XFLD is my final answer.

2. I did John R’s. Final Phase in March and had mixed results. This WAS NOT JOHN’s fault or the fault of the program. It was mine. I failed to eat as well as I could have eaten. While I gained strength, I did not lose the fat. XFLD will be the added edge to see this complete.

3. I’ve been working at this for over a year. I know it is a life-long “lifestyle”, but I want to reach the goal and enter maintenance. I trust your knowledge. When you combine your expert friends like John and Vince, how can one go wrong.

As Zig Ziglar says, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you use that makes the difference”.

XFLD will be that difference for me.


I need your program…I want to loose FATS..simple as that…I believe that your the answer to my misery…so please help me…

Hi Joel and Team. My sixth post. You guys really inspire me to go the extreme, so I have gone the extreme on my postings, to take my time well spent to show my appreciation for you guys, you guys are awesome. Thanks. I am also posting a lot to inspire others and to show my determination to go to the extreme level. Going the extreme is a principle of life and should be a precept in life. Many losers, out of ordinary people, unbelievers… have become a succes in achieving the results they passionately desired, because they went the extreme, gained the confidence to believe in themselves, hold firm to the legacy of extreme and cast away the disbelief of others. Your system will support the above mentioned. With the results achieved one will be a winner – no longer loser, a believer that your sytem works, be confident, hold firm to the legacy of Xtreme Fat Loss System Diet by spreading and sharing it with others; and casting away the disbelief of others that you could not do this, but you did and in turn changing their belief system, giving them the hope to follow, to achieve the same results. Joel and Team what an inspiration you have given us. Thanks. God bless.

I don´t know why this works for me since I don´t know what it contains but I have been using a lot of your tips an ideas and it works.

I´m working hard to get in the best shape ever and for that I need the best help I can get. I don´t know if its from you but it could seem that way.

kind regards,


My mom just had open heart surgery, at 72, she has been a type II diabetic for years with continuous heart problems. I see this as hereditary since I am 48 and have strated packing my weight around the mid section, my older sisters pack their weight just like mom also that darn middle. I need a program that myself and my husband of 25 years, who is also a diabetic II, can use especially when away from the house during meals and that we can use without gaining the weight back. WE have tried for years to follow diets which only made us loose a few pounds and then we would gain the weight back again. How frustrating. I think, after reading the info concerning your diet plan, this might actually work for us and give us confidence to help others in our lives.

same as before, need help getting the wife to lose weight, nothing else has had any, if much, effect.
maybe your system will help her finally lose the weight.

I’ve always been fairly lean to begin with but the last 10 pounds are always the most difficult to lose. Love handles are an accepted way of life for the vast majority of us. Until now!!
Even with a good deal of knowledge in exercise and nutrition in my back pocket , this program sounds foolproof!!
As a Firefighter, father of 2, and always an excercise enthuiast, it has always never been easy to “keep in shape”. I believe this workout will make great strides in improving the lives of millions of people based on what I have read about it already. The logical thinking and planning that has gone into the making of this system is a stoke of genus with real word results!!

I want to share my results with the world. If I can do it, YOU can do it!!

Diets don’t work without the proper fitness plans. Exercise doesn’t work without the proper diet. I’m tired of being batted back and forth like a game of PONG:( Give me a diet AND fitness plan that work TOGETHER, please!!! I would like my belly-button to be a pothole and not a cavern:)

hi I am from India and as you may be aware we are the world leaders in CAD, DM, and Obesity related complications and i am not proud about this. I want to really change this scenario with the help of your diet system and once popularized you can really have a huge market in India. pls help me change the world around me with your knowledge and expertise

@Christian: A main reason people diet and regain the weight is that a main job of fat is to surround toxins in the body to protect it. This way the toxins are not as easily taken into the organ systems. When someone diets and loses some fat but does not address the toxins, the body now has a higher toxic load without the fat to protect it. So the body freaks and converts more fuel to fat; hence the “rebound” effect of gaining more weight. People with a low % of body fat are at even more risk from all the toxins in our food, air, products, water, etc. (one cannot get away from it) because they do not have the fat and toxins go right into the organ systems.
Nutritional cleansing on a cellular level takes care of that.

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