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Two Ways to Use Fasting to Boost Results

Posted by Joel Marion

I’m just getting back from a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend in San Diego with a bunch of my fitness buddies like Braig Callantynez, Vinny D, The Truth, and Dr. K.

We had a blast exploring the famous San Diego Zoo, catching some rays on Mission Beach, and of course eating our share of delicious holiday weekend food.

And today I’m fasting.

No, not to “make up” for my weekend indulgence, but rather because I know that strategically placed fasting can lead to faster fat loss when done correctly.

Here are my two favorite strategic methods:

1.  The Post-cheat Fast:  This is my favorite version of strategic fasting and the version I’m currently employing today.  Why?  Because when you use it you can lose up 2 lbs of pure fat in ONE day.

Tony-the-Tiger awesome (I know he says GRRRRREAT, but awesome is better).

You see, after a Cheat Day your body is in an optimal fat burning state with important body fat regulating hormones like leptin and T3/T4 at their peak.  In other words, there is no other day in which your body is primed to burn MORE fat than on this day.

And that’s why the Post-cheat Fast works so well – it creates a massive calorie deficit on a day in which your body WANTS to release fat.

To perform it, consume only non-calorie liquids from when you wake up until you wake up the next morning.  Essentially, it’s 36 hour fast.  For example, if fasting on Monday you only consume non-calorie liquids until breakfast on Tuesday.

Want to lose even more fat on a Post-cheat Fast Day?  Throw in lots of activity and strategically timed exercise.

This is exactly what we do in my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program and one of the reasons the program yields such rapid results.

2.  The 24-hour fast:  The 24-hour fast, as it’s name suggests, is when you fast for a 24 hour period.  It is more or less the equivalent of eating only one meal.

For example, after dinner on Tuesday you fast until dinner on Wedneday (24 hour period).  Your dinner on Wednesday would then be approximately the same size (or slightly larger) than your “normal” dinner.

This method, when used 1 – 3 times a week, allows you to create a greater weekly caloric deficit  by incorporating several very managable low calorie days each week.

I recommend placing higher carboydrate days in between 24 hour fasts to spike important metabolism-regulating hormones.  This will allow you to get the most out of each 24-hour fast.

Again, strategic fast days are one of the pillars of my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program.  If you’re interested in losing up to 25 lbs in 25 days, check it out here:

==> http://XtremeFatLossDiet.com

Do YOU use fast days?  If so, what has your experience been?  Respond below!  At least 100 comments and I’ll be back w/ ANOTHER killer blog this week.

Talk to you in the comments section!



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144 comments - add yours
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i fast alot, like several times a week and its also scientifically proven that if you fast you will have more mental clarity(you can concentrate more and learn mmore0\) which is great for students and i am goin g to try ur fastings ideas

have a good day

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Hi wondering if changing the moderate carb day to a fast day or shake day would yield better and faster results. Quite desperate to lose another 5 kgs (11 pounds) by june 25th. I just finished my first cycle and lost 1 .1kg (2.4 lbs) is this normal? or is the average loss more or less for the first week?

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I am a pentecostal and i do a lot of fasting.At our church every Wednesday is our day of prayer and fasting,plus we are having a four [4] days from June 8-11.So i know i will have good results.

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I need BCAA help. I am supposed to consume 43 grams per day, divided by 6 times a day would equal 7 grams per serving. But the Prograde bottle does not translate each capsule into grams. How do I figure out how many capsules a day I am supposed to take?? Someone please help me.

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@ Sara Davenport:
2 capsules=1 gram

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I usually have some Prograde Workout when I get home from my workout after work, then nothing all the next day, until I get up for breakfast the day after that. I can’t take the amounts of BCAA’s they recommend, as it stops me up like a cork, and I am miserable. So I go with water, unsweetened tea, and some coffee(no sugar or milk). This seems to work well. But for some reason, I can’t tolerate whey protein and BCAA’s in large amounts. It brings my system to a complete halt.

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Prograde ingredients lists about 1 Gram total of BCAA per 2 capsules. I know prograde is the recommended choice but, thats going to equal lots of $$$$ for some of you guys. I personally have used BCAA powder which you can get up to 5 Grams per scoop. I have to take 10 grams 5 times on my Fasting days, so you know those capsules wasn’t going to happen.

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Oh yeah, by the way..my results…I can’t even believe it…your probably won’t either but…we are all in this together and I know there are some that are burning more fat off than me. I have lost 8lb in the past 7 days. No lie. from 138 last monday (May 30) till yesterday 130lb (June 6th) both times I weighed myself in the morning after waking. I have to say, there is nothing like results to keep a person motivated. The only cheating I do is on cheat day….by the way, I feel like my fitness has increased, and I don’t doubt it. I mentioned this before, and I will say it again…You definitely appreciate your food after this program.. woooweeeee.

Please everybody who reads this and are doing the program, post your results when you can. To those who haven’t started…pay attention..this program is real…its hard, but sooooo worth it!

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I have started XFLD and I am needing some guidance. I am taking the BCAA in a powder form and it tastes just horrible. Is there anything that I can take with or add to the supplement to make the taste more bearable. Thank you

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Just finished the second cycle and lost 5.5 lbs so far. Not as much as some people by the sounds of it but then I only want to lose about 13 lbs in total so hopefully will make it. Must say though this is definately the most success I have ever had on any diet so thank you Joel. Hate the fast days but the other days have been quite easy really – similar to how I eat anyway. Now on my third cheat day and am struggling to eat enough food – think my stomach must be shrinking.

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@ Shellee:
The powder is so gross, I agree. I switched to the pill form and it’s so much more easier!

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@ Fabuloso Ford:

It seems that you are doing great on this program, whereas I lost only 2.4lbs in the first cycle and second cycle I didn’t lose anything? and i followed the program. can you tell me exactly what you are eating on mod carb and protein depletion days?

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I have trouble eating a lot of food on cheat days. I just do not eat that much any more. I used to be 250 lbs, and I am now down to 165, give or take and working on the muscle. It is difficult for me to eat enough of the right stuff to gain muscle, as I am worried I will put the fat back on my belly. That last little pocket of flab is the absolute hardest to get rid of…

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@ Sue nel:
I agree its getting harder and harder to enjoy my cheat day, my stomach definitely had to have shrank quite a bit….and wouldn’t you know it….tomorrow is my cheat day#4 ahhhh

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@ Emilia:
Mod carb days, The first meal is easiest…I have a protein shake but I add Waxy Maize to it, this increases the carb content, is easy to digest and benefits me in my morning workout as well., second meal, its a bit tougher, i make a couple of breakfast wraps in tortillas(each one has the same carbs as two slices of bread), can toss in eggs, salsa, etc…its still early in the day so enjoy it….and thats where the carbs end. For the next 3 meals, its almost like my protein days, enough lean protein to fulfill my profile and a tablespoon of some tasty oil with a tasty vinegar over a spinach salad with various other free veggies.
Protein day is the hardest, thank goodness we get to have free veggies to break it up. with the list of free vegies supplied, its easy to make a dry salad….you can eat a can or two of tuna, some chicken breast, a plain shake…etc… Prtotein Day is only as hard as you make it.

I must admit, I just ended my 3rd cycle and didn’t notice a big drop in the scale this week, maybe 2lbs total..but I am cruising along. I told myself I wont look at the scale again until I finish. My next question is…how long can we do this diet, I want to extend it a couple of cycles…and then start the CYWT program.

I wonder if everybody else is thinking of how hard it will be to go back to eating normally after this. hahhahahah

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@ Fabuloso Ford:
That is basicaly what I have been doing, eating egg whites with tuna and multigrain slice for breakfast and chickpeas and vegies as a snack, and then move into protein with vegies as lunch and dinner and a shake with almond butter as a mid-afternoon snack. protein days arent so hard for me because I know I must only have minimal carbs, whereas for carb days sometimes it’s hard for me to stop eating bread once i’ve had some;S. Started incorporating grilled fish into my lunch and dinners rather then red meat and chicken.

Thanks for the advice, I might give the protein shakes with the Waxy Maize a go. That might help me in controlling my urge to eat more bread on carb days:)

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This week was a very bad cheat day because I had two Margaraittas and two beers and Mexican Food too. On the next day I went as low as i could and the next day went as low as I could eating only veggies. On the third day I was down 3 lbs. but I did use some Smooth Move Tea as well and I have been drinkin a lot of water. What can I do for the extreme weekness ad hunger? I am going to try cheat day with out drinks next time! I usually work a wedding every Sat so we eat a dinner there then I can have a piece of cake, if I am working then I do not drink!

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