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Three Flat Belly “Food Swaps”

Posted by Joel Marion

I just got home from the grocery store.

I’m going to make some fajitas.  Mmmm fajitas.

So what did I buy from the grocery store?  Wouldn’t YOU want to know?

Just kidding, I’ll tell you. 

I bought a bunch of stuff that you already know is healthy (plenty of fruits, veggies, etc) and then quite a few things that most people don’t use but are WAY healthier than the “healthy” option of similar food items that people do normally use.

Confused yet?  Let me break it down in to practical examples.

Most people would choose 100% Whole Wheat bread as a “healthy” option.  I didn’t buy 100% Whole Wheat bread, I bought Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain bread.

Is 100% Whole Wheat bread bad?  No, but Ezekial bread is just 100 times better.  Organic, Sprouted, 100% Whole Grain flourless bread.  And a 2-slice serving even contains 8 grams of complete protein (and 6 grams of fiber).  So yes, it’s better.

Not only did I buy some Ezekial bread, but I also bought some Ezekial flourless tortillas (for my fajitas) – same whole grain, complete protein goodness as above.

So that was the first “healthy” food swap I made.

Second, I bypassed the All Natural Peanut Butter and instead picked up a jar of Enhanced Almond Butter by Naturally More.  Why?  Because Enhanced Almond is like super nut butter, and I’m all about being super.  That and the fact that peanuts are one of the most common food allergens, and when consumed regularly can cause slowed weight loss in those sensitive to it (which is actually the majority of individuals).

In addition to that, Enhanced Almond is also fortified with flaxseeds to give it a nice Omega-3 kick.  Best.  Nutbutter.  Ever.

Up next was my third food swap, and that was when I passed through the dairy isle.  See you later organic milk, I’m grabbing the almond milk instead.

Again, a lot of individuals are sensitive to dairy, and actually experience accelerated fat loss by removing it from their diet.  I hardly drink milk anymore, and instead opt for almond milk whenever possible.  

 No lactose, no dairy, no indigestion, no bloat…and frankly, I think it tastes better.

And oh yeah, it has one THIRD the calories of regular milk while scoring far lower on the Insulin Index.

There’s pretty much no downside.

Eat this, not that.  Hey, that’s a popular book. 

Want to up your nutrition IQ even more?  Watch this video from my good friend Isabel where she reveals 4 other “healthly” foods that you should NEVER eat, along with her TOP 5 foods for a flat belly:


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