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Sprint To Your Ultimate Body

Posted by Joel Marion

In the last update, I presented some serious “wow-factor” research PROVING that both interval training and metabolic resistance training are far superior to aerobic exercise for fat loss. And today, as promised, I’m back with a sample interval training routine that is sure to have you burning body fat like nobody’s business.

A quick recap:

Interval training can be defined as the repeated alternating between higher intensity period of really “hard” work, and lower intensity periods of active recovery (i.e. walking).

Its benefits over traditional cardio include:

  • Greater total calories burned (due to the “afterburn” effect)
  • Greater fat loss (up to NINE times greater)
  • Greater improvements in both aerobic and anaerobic fitness

On to the routine:

The program I am about to outline is a sprint-based interval training routine. If you are not in “sprinting” shape, you’ll need to gradually move toward this type of training through a progressive program (which is exactly what I’ve outlined below).

Week 1, Workout 1: 20 minutes @ 70% of HRmax
Week 1, Workout 2: 25 minutes @ 70% of HRmax
Week 1, Workout 3: 30 minutes @ 70% of HRmax

Week 2, Workout 1: 20 minutes @ 75% of HRmax
Week 2, Workout 2: 25 minutes @ 75% of HRmax
Week 2, Workout 3: 30 minutes @ 75% of HRmax

Week 3, Workout 1: 20 minutes @ 80% of HRmax
Week 3, Workout 2: 25 minutes @ 80% of HRmax
Week 3, Workout 3: 30 minutes @ 80% of HRmax

Week 4, Workout 1: 20 minutes @ 85% of HRmax
Week 4, Workout 2: 25 minutes @ 85% of HRmax
Week 4, Workout 3: 30 minutes @ 85% of HRmax

Week 5, Workout 1: 5 sprint intervals
Week 5, Workout 2: 5 sprint intervals
Week 5, Workout 3: 6 sprint intervals

Week 6, Workout 1: 6 sprint intervals
Week 6, Workout 2: 7 sprint intervals
Week 6, Workout 3: 7 sprint intervals

Week 7, Workout 1: 8 sprint intervals

Continue to add a sprint interval every third workout, working you way up to 15 intervals (there is no need to go any higher than 15).

NOTE: Your age predicted maximum heart rate (APMHR) can be obtained by simply subtracting your age from the number 220. For example, if you are 30 years old, your APMHR is 190 beats per minute (bpm). Therefore, if following the complete program above, your first workout would be 20 minutes in duration and would be performed at the intensity of roughly 130 beats per minute.

For the “sprinting” portion of the program, each interval should be one minute in duration; 20 seconds of maximal effort and 40 seconds of active recovery. Begin each workout with a light warm-up and stretching and finish each up with continued walking until your breathing rate has returned to normal.

Do I Have To “Sprint”?

While sprinting is probably the easiest choice (no equipment required, etc), there are certainly other modes of exercise that work just as well so long as you follow the basic max effort/active recovery. Some examples of other acceptable modes of exercise include the elliptical trainer, the stair stepper, cycling, rowing, swimming, and jumping rope.

Regardless of what exercise you choose, just make sure that the “sprint” portion of the interval is performed at near maximal effort with the active recovery portion falling at the opposite end of the effort spectrum.

Mixing Things Up

You can avoid boredom and stagnation by making some adjustments to your interval training sessions every few weeks. An easy and effective way to do this is to manipulate the work to rest ratio of each session. In the above program, the work to rest ratio was set at 1:2 (20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds walk). Other work to rest ratios that have proven to be successful are 2:1, 1:1, and 1:3. Below are some example programs using each:

Work to Rest Ratio- 1:1/2

Sprint 20 seconds/Walk 10 seconds, repeat 8-10 times

Work to Rest Ratio- 1:1

Sprint 20 seconds/Walk 20 seconds, repeat 10-12 times

Work to Rest Ratio- 1:3

Sprint 20 seconds/Walk 60 seconds, repeat 12-15 times
Less time, more results – that’s what interval training is all about.

Combine it with the even more effective metabolic resistance training and you’ll be on the fastest possible track to the body of your dreams—guaranteed.

Speaking of metabolic resistance training (MRT), one of my go-to guys in the industry, a metabolic resistance training genius, recently shared some of his best stuff with me…I’ll be back on Monday to pass on some of that MRT goodness to you.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today’s complimentary interval training workout!

Commited to your success,


P.S.  Every so often, something crosses my desk that’s just too good not to share with you.  Well, my buddy and uber nutritionist Kyle Leon is at it again:

==> Metabolism trick to OVERCOME your genetics (actually works)


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