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Soy Protein fights belly fat??

Posted by Joel Marion

So, here’s a little tid-bid of info that you may not know: 

I subscribe to just about every mainstream fitness magazine available.

Why?  Well, when you have a career in health and fitness, you want to pay attention to what is being talked about in the media, particularly what topics are “hot” amongst other fitness “news” outlets.

And although most articles suck, browsing through a magazine generally gives me at least one idea of something to blog about or write to you about in my newsletter.

Well, tonight’s browsing session was no different.  As I sat here and thumbed through the pages of a rather prominent women’s fitness magazine, I come across this gem of a paragraph:

“Several studies have shown that people who regularly consume soy protein tend to weigh less and have less abdominal fat those who don’t.  The key compounds are the soy isoflavones: These estrogen-like substances not only fight belly fat, but they also protect against the development of breast cancer.”

Um, no.

Here we have an article crediting estrongen-like soy isoflavones for decreased belly fat.  Huh?  Since when do estrogenic compounds decrease belly fat?  Since never, because they actually increase it, and the isoflavones are the exact reason you shouldn’t be eating soy on a regular basis.

And as far as soy protecting against breast cancer, it’s pretty well established that increased exposure to estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer.  And there are MANY studies showing that genistein, the main isoflavone found in soybeans, stimulates the growth of breast cancer cells and tumor growth.

Here are just a few:

Zava DT, Duwe G. Estrogenic and antiproliferative properties of genistein and other flavonoids in human breast cancer cells in vitro. Nutr Cancer 1997; 27: 31-40.

Hsieh CY, Santell RC, Haslam SZ, Helferich WG. Estrogenic effects of genistein on the growth of estrogen receptor- positive human breast cancer (mcf-7) cells in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Res. 1998;58: 3833-3838.

Allred CD, Allred KF, Ju YH, Virant SM., Helferich WG. Soy diets containing varying amounts of genistein stimulate growth of estrogen-dependent (mcf-7) tumors in a dose-dependent manner. Cancer Res. 2001;61: 5045-5050.

Petrakis NL, Barnes S, King EB, Lowenstein J, Wiencke J, Lee MM., Miike R, Kirk M, Coward L. Stimulatory influence of soy protein isolate on breast secretion in pre- and postmenopausal women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 1996;5: 785- 794.

McMichael-Phillips DF, Harding C, Morton M, Roberts SA, Howell A, Potten CS, Bundred NJ. Effects of soy-protein supplementation on epithelial proliferation in the histologically normal human breast. Am J Clin Nutr. 1998;68: 1431S-1435S.

So where did the author of this article get their information?  I don’t know, since there were no sources listed (surprise, surprise).

I shared the article with my buddy Mike Geary, and he immediately replied with “No wonder why so many people are confused out there!  So many bad sources of information.”

And that’s incredibly true…and sad…because the misinformation really has crippled America’s health.

Well, fortunately, there’s guys like me and Mike, and gals like Isabel De Los Rios to help set the record straight and help clear the cloud of misinformation that fogs up the airwaves each and every day.

Make no mistake, soy is one of the foods you should be AVOIDING if your goal is decreased abdominal fat and increased health and longevity.  If you want to educate yourself on quite a few other so-called “healthy” foods that are anything but, then I highly recommend you check out Isabel’s video here:

Knowledge is power…your friend,



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