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Something for Nothing (Your Free Gift)

Posted by Joel Marion on August 24, 2009

They say that there’s no such thing as something for nothing.

You know what I say to that?

“They” must not be on my newsletter list, because I’m always giving away free stuff, and today is no exception.

In fact, today I’d like to do something a little extra special.  I just finished writing a new “mini” eBook entitled 7 Advanced Strategies for Packing on Serious Muscle, and I want to give it to you for free.

There is no “process” to go through to receive it, no forms to fill out, just my way of saying thanks (again) for being my subscriber.  In fact, if you can right click your mouse, then you’ll be downloading this thing in about 30 seconds from now.

To give you a little information on what’s in store:

7 Advanced Strategies for Packing on Serious Muscle is a little over 15 pages of exceptional, unconventional, and sometimes downright unorthodox and counterintuitive muscle building advice from yours truly.

What do I know about building muscle?  Well, if you take a look at the pictures at the end of the eBook (you’ve probably never seen these before, and yes, they’re of me), then you’ll probably agree that I know a *little* somethin’.

Right Click Image and Select “Save Target As”
to Download to Your Computer


Yes, I could easily charge a nice chunk of change for this information, but because you’re my subscriber, I thought I’d make it available to you for free.

Thanks for being a part of what I’m doing on a regular basis; it means a lot to me.

Enjoy the eBook!



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