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Siberia, Asia, America, and Your Energy Levels

Posted by Joel Marion

So what do Siberia, Asia, and America have to do with your energy levels?

Answer:  A LOT.

You see, these three countries (Siberia being a region of Russia) are the native home of an ancient energy boosting herb:  Ginseng.  (everything you never knew about ginseng below)

Now, while you’ve probably heard of ginseng before, you probably DIDN’T know that there are actually 3 different types of Ginseng, and you’ll definitely get the most bang for your ginseng buck when combining the unique “powers” of all three.

A little science lesson:

The active ingredient of both American and Asian ginseng are it’s ginsenosides, Rb-1 and Rg-1.  Rb-1 acts as a depressant to the Central Nervous System (CNS), yielding stress-reducing benefits and a calming effect.  On the other hand, Rg-1 has a stimulatory effect on the CNS, increasing alertness, physical and mental performance, reducing fatigue, and it has even been shown to increase romantic desire and performance.

American Ginseng:  Rb-1 dominant.

Asian Ginseng:  Rg-1 dominant.

By combining the two, you get the benefits of both:  the stress reduction/calming effects of Rb-1, and the increased physical and mental, and sexual energy of Rg-1.

So where does Siberian Ginseng come in to play?

Unlike American and Asian ginseng, Siberian ginseng contains no ginsenosides.  Instead, it’s active ingredient are it’s eleutherosides, which have been shown to boost physical and mental clarity and endurance through different pathways not tapped by its Asian and American counterparts.

Now, to get the full energy benfits of ginseng, you could purchase each type individually and supplement accordingly, OR you could enlist the help of a formula that already contains all three, like Energy Matrix.

In addition to the synergystic combination of all three ginseng species, Energy Matrix also contains several other natural energy enhancers (all providing unique benefits via different mechanisms) like Ginko Biloba, Gutu Kola, and a potent green tea extract.

Do you suffer from Neurotransmitter Burnout?

In case you missed it yesterday, my friends at Energy Matrix are in the middle of a 72-hour “survey recruitment” for qualified consumers as a means to gain testimonials and feedback from people who may be suffering from Neurotransmitter Burnout.

Do you suffer from Neurotransmitter Burnout and potentially qualify for the survey?  Just take the quiz on this page and see if you answer “Yes” to at least 3 of the questions:

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Needless to say, I think Energy Matrix is a really “smart” blend of quality, proven ingredients, and if you qualify, the current “survey recruitment” could be an awesome opportunity for you.

See if you qualify by taking the quiz:

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Keep rockin’,



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