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More Results, Less Time – The Workout

Posted by Joel Marion on July 19, 2009

Last week I hit you up with 3 time-saving workout strategies, including antagonistic supersets, big-money exercises, and strategic overlap.

Today, I’m back with the full workout program I promised combining all three.

Each of these workouts takes less than a half hour to complete, all while instantaneously increasing strength and stimulating each muscle group multiple times per week.


Monday (Horizontal Upper Body)

A1) Dumbbell Bench Press
A2) Seated Rows

Tuesday (Quad Dominant Lower Body)

A1) Back Squats
A2) Lying Leg Curls

Thursday (Vertical Upper Body)

A1) Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
A2) Pull-ups or Lat Pulldowns

Friday (Hip Dominant Lower Body)

A1) Deadlifts
A2) Leg Extensions

Optional Session (Arms)

A1) EZ Bar Bicep Curls
A2) Parallel Bar Dips

Rep Schemes/Training Parameters

Odd Weeks: 5 sets of 8-10 reps per exercise
Load: 10RM (a weight that you can do at most 10 times for the exercise in question)
Rest between sets: 60 seconds
Progression:  Increase load by 5-10 lbs when you are able to perform more than 10 repetitions on your first set.

Even Weeks: 10 sets of 5 reps per exercise
Load: 7RM (a weight that you can do at most 7 times for the exercise in question)
Rest between sets: 60 seconds
Progression:  Increase load by 5-10 lbs when you are able to perform 5 repetitions on all sets.

**For all workouts alternate back and forth between movement A1 and movement A2 resting between sets as indicated.

While the program is 4-5 days a week, no session lasts longer than one half hour. Sessions on odd weeks (5×10) last approximately 22 minutes and on even-weeks (10×5), 28 minutes.

Some suggestions of when to perform them are:

a) first thing in the morning (just wake up earlier)
b) on your lunch break (workout and eat lunch–your workout shake–at the same time)
c) immediately after work before heading home to settle down
d) for college students, first thing in the morning, between classes, or after classes

Beings that the sessions are so short, there shouldn’t be a problem finding time to conduct them. The key is to get them in whenever you can fit them in; be conscious of your schedule for the next day and plan for the following day’s session the night before.

Maximal stimulation, maximal results, minimal time.

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