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What did YOUR last workout look like?

Posted by Joel Marion

Just getting back into Tampa after spending an awesome weekend back “home” in Philly watching the Eagles crush the Giants 40-17.

Oh how sweet it was to watch that masacre up close and personal, just 7 rows from the field :-)

Now if only the Phillies can get their their act together for the final two games of the World Series…

We’ll see.

Regardless, after a weekend away I was ready to get back in  the gym today, and after completing a pretty crazy session just moments ago, wanted to share it with you.

It all started with a 5 minute warm-up on the mill o’ tread, followed by some brief stretching, and then into the below beast of a circuit:

1. Jump Rope – 1 minute hard
2. Dumbbell Squats x 10
3. Dumbbell Deadlifts x 10
4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press x 10
5. Lat Pulldowns x 10
6. Elevated Push-ups x 10
7. Dumbbell Bent-over Rows x 10
8. Dumbbell Snatches x 10
9. Jumping Jacks x 100
10. Plank x 45 seconds
11. Dumbbell Bicep Curls x 10
12. Dumbbell Tricep Extensions x 10
13. Jump Rope – 1 minute moderate
14. Mountain Climbers x 50
15. Walking Lunges x 10 per side

Then I laid on the floor of the locker room for about 5 minutes (it was either that or vomit) and repeated the whole thing once more.

Want to try a new fat-incinerating workout today or tomorrow?  I challenge you to give the above workout a try, and of course, let me know how it goes?

How about you?  When was your last workout and what did it look like?  Reply in the comments section!

Look forward to seeing what you’re up to!

Talk to you below,


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43 comments - add yours
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OK here’s my crazy workout–fasted (was trying my first day of intermitent fasting):
5 min of 30 sec jog/30sec walk
15 min of alternating between rows (10 lbs) and 1 legged deadlifts using the tabata style 20 sec work and 10 sec rest
10 min of 20 KB swings follwed by TGUs (2 easch side)
30 min light walking
waited 45 more min till I broke my fast.

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Wow Joel, can’t wait to try it. I only hope this 49 year old body holds up!
I have been doing the Intermediate Spartan workout for the last few weeks. It really helped me get stronger a couple months ago. Had to take a break because of an injury, but back up now. I have adapted it to allow me to do each day in about 30 minutes for time. I put different muscle exercises together and do the sets back to back with no rest. Here was tonight’s workout.
10 min. Bike ride to gym (I always ride as hard as I can wherever I go)
Circut A:
Seated Military Press 120 lbs. 12, 10, 10
Standing Barbell curl 65 lbs. 12, 10, 10
Barbell Upright Row 100 lbs. 12,10,10
Dips 12, 10, 10 (Could only do 8 on last set, but rested and did 5 more)
Circut B:
Seated Dumbell Lat Raises 25 lbs. ea. 12,10,10
Seated Dumbell Curls 25 lbs. ea. 12,10,10
Straight Bar Press down (Cable #14) 12,10,10 (Not sure on weight here?)
10 min. Bike ride home

My only rest periods were walking between exercises and about 2 minutes between circuts. I love Tuesdays because it really pumps my arms. Kevin

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I did Plyometrics yesterday A very intense workout

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It was a leg day for me. (27 yr female)
dynamic warmup to start

Tri-set 3 Rounds of 12

DB Front Squat (used 35 lb DBs)
DB Deadlift (used 35 lb DBs)
Tight Rotation

Side Box Step Ups (3 risers and 20 lb DBs)
Reverse Box Lunges (3 risers and 20 lb BDs)
Bench Reverse Hyperextension Hold (30 sec, hips at end of bench, hold legs in straight line from body)

2 Rounds of 50
Swings (25 lb DB-would have rathered a KB but was at a gym w/o one)

Foam Roll and Stretch to finish

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Last workout – Reverse chin ups , head above bar and done slowly 20 reps.
Chin ups , head above bar and done slowly 20 reps. Reverse chinups ( as above )15 reps. Chin ups ( as above )15 reps. Squats , using 2 20 kg weights 50 reps. 2sets os squats. Calf raises using 2 20kg weights – 30 by 2 sets. Its a reasonable workout.

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WOW, that is an amazing workout. I will try it on Friday and see if I don’t die in the process. Looks awesome. My workouts have been Craig’s Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Frenzy. I love this circuit.

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Fasted workout at 7 this morning:

3 x 3 vertical leaps, 30 seconds rest after each, this was the warmup

10 squats at personal best weight (woohoo!) but in a wide, powerlifting style stance

walk to rafters…

10 wide grip pullups (pronated grip)/5 medium grip pullups/4 medium grip chins (supinated grip)/ 3 narrow grip chins all as one super set.

walk outside to squat rack… but get called upstairs for 5 minutes

Come downstairs again, repeat pullup/chinup superset, not as many reps this time, maybe 8/4/3/2

2 minutes break

20 breathing squats on same weight as previously

2 minutes

10 inverted rows with each hand

1 minute

10 inverted rows with each hand, but this time as rest-pause to get the full 10

1 minute

7 sets of 12 to 8 reps of curls with a 10 kg water jug in each hand. Each set followed by count of 10 isometric flex followed by a drink of water (FST-7 style)

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I’m trying to get back into basketball shape, so my last workout, which was today, looked like this:

– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest
– 30 second sprint- 120second rest

Does this look alright to you?

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I’m coming up on a leg routine, but this what my last workout was like. (I am doing a very strict form using a 4:1 tempo so it is brutal)

I am 40, 10% BF and weigh 198lbs at 5’9″.

5 min on Gazelle
Light stretching
Deadlifts: 20x135lbs for warm-up
Wide-Grip Chins: 10, 8
1-Arm DB Rows: 90lbs – 8, 10
BB Shrugs: 225×10, 275×10
Close-Grip Chins (Biceps): 8, 10
1-Arm Preacher Curls: 50×5 each
DB Wrist Curls: 65×10 each

Not much rest between sets, I kept it about 1 minute. My reps were slow and strict at the 4:1 tempo: 4-count on the negative/eccentric and explode on the concentric for a 1-count keeping tension on the muscles the whole time. I can do a lot of heavy weight, but now I am trying out this new tempo and you just can’t lift heavy doing it. Man, I get more sore now then ever! Try it!

Joel, try the 4:1 tempo on your next circuit, you’ll see what I mean after the first two sets!

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Wednesdays are always a big work day, and I’m always pressed for time. The Spartan workout is legs and Abs. As before, I divide it up into 2 circuts, and move through each exercise, and back until circut is done. Rest and move on.
Circut 1
Barbell Squat 230 lbs 12,10,10
Good Mornings 140 lbs 12,10,10
Standing Calve Raise 160 lbs 12,10,10 (5 count at top, and 5 count at bottom)
Hanging Knee Raises 20,20,20
Circut 2
Barbell Lunge 140 lbs 12,10,10
Leg Curl 150 lbs 12,10,10
Hanging Knee Raises 20,20,20

I usually feel like I need to puke by the middle if I push myself, and riding my bike back to work (15 min. uphill) makes it my hardest workout of the week.

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This Afternoon: full body superset workout
1a) barbell flat bench, pyramid sets 12,10,8,6 while increasing weight
1b) barbell squats
1 – burnouts: 50 pushups, 15 bulgarian split squats each side
2a) alternate db curls
2b) tricep kick backs
2 – burnout: lighter weight curls, 7 partials (extended to 90degrees) + 7 partial (90 degrees to contracted) + 7 full curls, close grip tricep pushps to failure
3a) Wide grip lat pullups 4 sets to failure (around 15-10)
3b) BB clean and press
3 – burnout: horizontal bw rows, Bradford presses
4a) Deadlifts
4b) calf extensions
4c) hanging leg raises
4 – burnout: full crunches to failure, 200 jumping jacks
finish with doing all the burnout excercises

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Bench 3 sets 5 reps
floor dumbell press 3 sets 10 reps
Bent over bar rows 3 sets 10 reps
tricep full extensions 3 sets 10 reps
full pull ups 5 sets 5 reps

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hello my work out
p.h.a.routine mon,wed,fir
day 1 -1-press bihaint the neck 1-10
2-lat pull -down 1-10
3-leg raise 1-25
4-standing calf raise 1-25
5-consentreion curl 1-10
6-leg extension 1-20
day 2-1-heavy sqats 1-8or15
2-flat bench dumbbell flye 1-10
3-wide grip chining 1-10
4-seated calf raise 1-25
5-twiste 1-25
6-good marning 1-12
sun day -off

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49 y-o female, single mom, 3 youngish boys. My “post flu” workout:
Rake leaves for 30 minutes, alternating sides. Rake piles of leaves onto tarp. Drag 40-50 pounds UP the hill for 20 yards, pull leaves into the woods and dump them. Walk back down the hill. Repeat for 30 minutes, alternating dragging arm.

I have about 5 more sets to go…

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Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! :P@Kath

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That’s a mean looking workout Joel, I’ll go to town on that baby next week!

Myself I’m a fan of the full body focus, going for high intensity and dynamic movements.

Last workout looked was from John Roman’s body blitz:

A1) – Push Press – 6×6
A2) – Deadlift – 6×4

Alternate between A1/A2 w/o rest. Then on to Mountain climbers.

Mountain Climbers – 2 minutes

B1) Barbell Bent Over Row – 5×5
B2) Barbell Front Squat – 5×5
B3) Push-up Position Plank – 5×45 seconds

Perform sequentially, rest 45 sec’s between exercises, 120 secs between circuits.

C1) – Alternating Reverse Lunges – 2×25
C2)—Explosive Push-Ups – 2 x as many reps as possible

Alternate between them, rest 30 seconds in between.

Finish by jumping rope hard for 5-10 mins.

Made for a broken, beat and scarred Fred!

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