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McDonald’s, Cow Eyeballs, and Fraudulent 100% Beef

Posted by Joel Marion on June 4, 2009

I know, I know…I said I wasn’t going to be back until tomorrow with Method #2 for building muscle and losing fat (Anabolic Burst Cycling), but after the reaction to my inclusion of a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce as part of my sample meal plan yesterday, I couldn’t help myself.

Do You Believe Everything You Read?

Did you know that McDonald’s is the world’s largest purchaser of cow eyeballs? Yes, cow eyeballs.

Also, if you spin around 7 times in your bathroom with the lights off chanting “Bloody Mary” the half sister of Elizabeth I will appear and KILL YOU.

I know. I have done this.

And, of course, spraying Listerine around the vicinity of your back yard keeps the mosquitoes, particularly those with malaria, out of site for…like…at least 5 years.

As Ben Stiller would say, “I read about it… in a BOOK”

Or maybe on the internet.

Either way, it has to be true.

Back to the cow eyeballs. Seriously? Let’s think about this logically.

There are 2 eyeballs per cow, for a collective weight of about a quarter pound, and oh, maybe, 425 lbs of BEEF.

Which do you think is the cheaper commodity?

But no, McDonald’s wants to poison you. They have an agenda to kill the world, so they’re willing to spend significantly more on cow eyeballs (instead of using actual beef at the ridiculous quantity discount they get for purchasing a billion pounds a year) for the sole purpose of sabotaging your diet.

“McDonald’s 100% beef claim is based on the fact that they use all cow parts, not exclusively the beef.”

Really? Apparently McDonald’s clearly defines 100% beef as “100% pure USDA inspected beef” and I’m not so sure an organization like the USDA would be comfortable with them stating that all over the media if it weren’t true.

In fact, they’d probably sue them for 5 Billion dollars, which I’m assuming would be pretty lucrative for the USDA.

But I’ve yet to see that lawsuit.

And McDonald’s also uses worms in their burger patties. At $25 per pound, why would they use real beef for a buck? Of course the clear choice is to spend more money to contaminate their menu items.

“McDonald’s purchased a company called 100% Beef so they could play semantics and pull the wool over consumers’ eyes and claim they use 100% beef simply because that’s the name of their beef supplier.”

McDonald’s beef has been supplied by Lopez Foods out of Oklahoma (very close to where I went to college my first year) for the last twenty five years.

Is a Double Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce the perfect healthy meal? No.

The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio sucks.

But you know what? I don’t eat them all day. It’s maybe 1% of my total protein intake each week.

I also get 6 grams of combined EPA/DHA through fish oil each day, which more than covers my omega-3 needs.

Truth is, I love beef. And for the most part, I purchase it at the super market. I’m even a share holder at a local organic community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, and love their organic grass fed beef (super cheap, too).

At the same time, I’m not ultra paranoid about consuming a bunless burger from the Golden Arches every so often. Not saying that you have to, or that if you don’t eat McDonald’s you can’t be friends with me, that’s just my take.

How about you? Do you ever eat McDonald’s as part of your “diet” (not a cheat day)?

Do you avoid it like the plague?  Why or why not?

Bring on the comments,



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