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Make Each Repetition 3 Times More Effective

Posted by Joel Marion

So, I was at the gym today going through a rather brutal chest/back session and couldn’t help but “observe” those working out around me as I alternated back and forth between dumbbell bench and dumbbell rows (that was just the beginning of the workout).

Did you know that 99% of the people I observed could be achieving up to 3 times the results with some simple switches in the way they perform each exercise?

As my buddy Rob Poulos often explains, it has to do with how you specifically perform the repetitions. To better understand this, let’s examine our 3 different strength levels in any resistance exercise.

Take the dumbbell bench press exercise for the pectorals for example. In this movement, you begin with the weight in the lowered position at the sides of your chest. You proceed to smoothly and slowly press the dumbbells up until they meet over your chest.

This first portion of the exercise trains your positive strength level.

Want to make the movement even more effective?  Pause briefly and contract your pectorals/chest muscles hard at the top of the movement. This trains your static strength level.

Finally, you would want to lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position. This trains your negative strength level.

Now the problem is that most people don’t even bother with their static or negative strength levels, and that’s VERY apparent just by sitting back and “observing” more than 50 people working out at my local gym.

They put all of the focus on the “lifting” or positive portion of the movement, while not pausing or contracting sufficiently at the top, and not taking nearly enough time on the negative portion.

In effect, doing this only gets you one third of the benefit that each exercise can provide.

Actually, it’s less than that because the static and negative portions can actually create deeper inroads into your existing strength levels. This is something you want, as it will lead to greater progress faster, heavier weights used, more calories burned, and more fat loss.

My buddy Rob just posted a free video that shows you how you can target each strength level in a very specific way to decrease your workout time dramatically while doubling or even tripling the effectiveness of each exercise.  But in order to get the most out of the techniques, they need to be performed in VERY specific way.

You can learn about Rob’s specific methods in his free video here:

Click above to watch the video.

Catch you soon,



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