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Eva Longoria, Avocado, and One Helluva Recipe

Posted by Joel Marion

I don’t know about you, but if I’m flipping channels and come across Eva Longoria, the remote stops there.

At least for a little while.

In fact, Eva’s probably the only reason I started watching Desperate Housewives several years back, and quite unexpectedly, I found that I actually enjoyed the show.

Weird, I know.

Well, just so happens that yesterday I got a little two-for with Eva ‘s guest appearance on the Martha Stewart show.  Sure, it was a re-run, but whatever, she’s hot.

And not only that, but she also makes a pretty mean guacamole.

How do I know?  I watched the show and tried the recipe.  So when I say that this bad-boy is killer, I speak first-hand.

And not like O.J. killer, but like Shamu killer.

Now I know what you’re thinking:  A guacamole recipe as awesome as Shamu?  Highly unlikely, I know, but trust me, it’s true.

Eva’s Uber Guacamole (I added the word uber, but like to think she’d be cool with that)

**8 large ripe avocados, chopped
**2 large tomatoes, chopped
**1 large onion, chopped
**1 bunch cilantro, finely chopped
**3 small Serrano peppers, ribs and some seeds removed, minced
**Coarse salt
**Juice of 4 lemons

Directions:  Mix all of the above in a large bowl, mashing slightly.

Rich in healthy-hormone supporting monounsaturated fats, not only does this guacarecipe taste exceptionally yummy, but it’s also quite “the good” for you.

Mix a batch and enjoy ;-)

Love guacamole?  Hate Desperate Housewives?  (Incorrectly) think Eva Longoria isn’t the hottest woman on television?  Drop a comment below!

Catch you in the comments section,


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