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EIGHT Craving Crushing Tips – Part II

Posted by Joel Marion

In Part I of this blog post we discussed four of my top methods to crush cravings, and today I’m back to round out the group of 8 with 4 MORE killer methods:

Craving Crusher #5 – Mouth Wash/Tooth Paste:  Another interesting way to overcome a craving is to create an undesirable “craving” situation in your mouth, which can be easily done by brushing your teeth or swishing some mouth wash around in your mouth for a minute or so.

Not only does toothpaste and/or mouthwash occupy your taste buds in lieu of the craving, but it’s highly unlikely that with a minty fresh mouth you’ll still be reaching for those chocolate chip cookies.

Craving Crusher #6 – Down a glass (or two) of water:  The minute you being to start feeling hungry, down a glass (or two) of water.  Filling your stomach with a large volume of water will immediately calm your hunger urges and bring your appetite back in to control.

In fact, I use the hunger crushing power of fluids regularly to make fast days much more manageable, and often find all out fasting a relative breeze when constantly filling my belly with fluids.

The more you drink, the fuller you’ll feel, and the easier controlling your appetite will be.

Craving Crushing #7 – Slow-Digesting Foods:  There are many reasons and benefits from a fat loss perspective to choose slower digesting foods, and one of them is certainly the benefit of staying fuller longer.

If you’re still feeling full from your last meal, it’s much less likely that you’ll go hog wild when your next feeding runs around.  Feeling full also curbs between-meal cravings and the desire to indulge in “non-diet” foods.

So what are the best “slow-digesting” foods?  Whole foods, particularly very low glycemic carbohydrates, higher fiber veggies, healthy fats, and whole-food proteins (i.e. meats).  Reach for these types of foods at each feeding and you’ll probably forget what “cravings” are.

Craving Crushing #8 – Supplementation:  There are a lot of supplements that claim to suppress appetite, and I’ve both researched and experimented with most of them myself.  Personally, the only thing that I’ve found to have a substantial impact on my own appetite is 5-HTP.  If you’d like to add it to your arsenal alongside the other 7 tips, it may be worth experimenting with.

Want to learn 3 other specific fat-burning tips that you can start using today?  Check out the below link:

==> What “special” foods can boost fat-burning by 207%?

Enjoy the above tips!



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