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How Will YOU Burn 300 Calories?

Posted by Joel Marion

If you’re looking to shed body fat, there’s simply no getting around the fact that you absolutely must create some sort of caloric deficit.

Any way you look at it, you MUST burn more calories than you consume.

Now, it can get quite a bit more complicated than simple math would have us believe, but the fact remains–a deficit must be in place for fat loss to occur.

But, there are many different ways to create a deficit, some more effective than others.

For example, if you’d like to create an additional 300 calorie deficit per day, you could simply skip your morning bagel (approx 300 calories).  Fairly simple to do, unless you have some weird affinity toward bagels like I do.

OR, you could walk for an HOUR on the treadmill and create the same 300 calorie deficit.

OR, you could do a 10 minute high intensity interval training workout and create the same 300 calorie deficit.

And here’s where things get a little more complicated than the numbers suggest.

In all three instances, you are essentially creating an additional 300 calorie deficit each day.  BUT, scenario 1 sucks,  scenario 2 really sucks, and scenario 3 trumps them all–bigtime.


Well, first, let’s say that you decide to create your caloric deficit soley by eliminating calories in your diet.  By now, if you’ve been a follower of anything I’ve taught, you know that this will only result in some nasty hormonal consequences, leading to slowed metabolism and your body more or less canceling out the very deficit you are trying to create.

As far as scenario #2 goes, there are several issues.  First, 60 friggin’ minutes to burn 300 calories???  That’s a LONG time to invest to burn less than a tenth of a single pound of fat (assuming that all calories burned are from fat, which they won’t be).  At that rate, if you wanted to burn a pound of fat, you’d have to walk for close to 15 hours.


Count.  Me.  Out.

The second problem with scenario #2 is that there is virtually no “afterburn” effect, so once the session is over, so is your calorie burn–metabolism goes right on back to it’s slow ways.

Now, with the third scenario, you’re investing much, much less time, but have the added benefit of the “afterburn” or elevated metabolism for the entire day (and sometimes even into the next day).

Which brings me to the question — how are you burning your calories?

Are you trying to “diet” the pounds away?  Are you hoping to walk away 5, 10, or even 20 lbs — that will probably take you a few years (of walking).  Or have you embraced the power of intense exercise?

In tomorrow’s post, I’m going to share with you 3 different scenarios (different from those I shared today), and in that post we’ll dig a little deeper into diet vs. exercise for fat loss and the REAL factor in determining fat loss (hint:  it’s not calories in, calories out).

Comments welcome…

Talk to you below!


P.S.  In the meantime, want another EASY way to burn 8 lbs of fat without doing ANYTHING?  My buddy Jon Benson just posted a really cool tip here:

==> How to burn 8 lbs of fat without doing ANYTHING (30 second tip)

Keep rockin!



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71 comments - add yours
Reply  |  Quote

According to a calories burned calculator, this burns 337 calories while I’m doing it, but I’m not sure about the afterburn.

I jog (yes, I know it’s supposed to be horrible for fat loss to jog, but I’m just starting out so I’m going to be increasing my speed, my goal is to run a fast 5km) for 30 minutes, and then I strength train (squats, pushups, rows, planks, lunges) for 20 minutes. So far my weights are super low and I can barely do 5 real pushups, but I’m getting there. I’m wondering though, what amount of pushups would be considered non-wimpy? Because five is really wimpy. By the way I’m a 17 year old girl, 157-160lbs (varies day to day) and 5’8, so based on those stats.

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I am a really big fan of high intensity training (we do our own form of weights combined with short sprints and bodyweight sets) started this style of training about halfway through last year and am throughly enjoying. And yes, I used to be one of those 2 – 4 hour a day at the gym fanatics – no longer! But yesterday, I felt like a change so I went and bought a basketball and a hoola-hoop. Took them down to the park this morning and I can tell you I am CRAP at shooting goals and even worse at hoola! But you know what – I had LOADS of fun and got some really great sprinting in chasing that danged ball around 9 courts!! Never even noticed how quicky the time went…..

Reply  |  Quote

I’ve been doing HIIT on the treadmill in the gym right next to the people walking at like 3.0 for an hour! haha I’m done and walking away AND burned more off than them in the matter of minutes.

Reply  |  Quote

I am new at this and 58 years old I have just joined a gym and dont know how much I should push and what to push any advice?

Reply  |  Quote

Of course I will opt for the third option, to burn calorie with an intensed workout.Recently I have suggested turbulance teraining to one of my friend, demonstrated him the way to work out with bodyweights, and he lost 10 kg in 11 weeks,really amazing results. Right now I am exercising with 3 days with weights, with lot of circuits, and 3 days cardio each session i hours mainly intervals.The chest monitor and my calorie watch shows that the day I am doing cardio, losing 700 cal approx, and the day I am lifiting for 90 min. losing 600 cal. Is it a fact? I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

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I am new to the diet but have already been working out to a video at home with decent results. However, the exercise I currently do does not match the recommend exercise in the program. I am doing six days of high intensity work out with rest on the seventh day. How will my current exercise effect my results, can I keep with what I am doing? (P90X) Hope its ok to say that but I have tried everything and this workout is the latest, don’t know how to ask for help without coming out and telling exactly what I’m doing now.
I just got all my extra supplements and the diet starts today, don’t wanna ruin the results I can get from this program.

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Hi Joel!

Just wanted to say YAAAY that I found this site, so awsome supergreat tips!!

Best regards,
/Gina from Sweden :)

Reply  |  Quote

This is all new to me but I am really interested and want to give it a go. What is HIIT? If I have 30 minutes in the gym, what should I be doing if my objective is to lose weight and drop a dress size?
Many thanks

Reply  |  Quote

Your progaram is amazing. I just sarted and in the first cycle of 5 day I’ve lost 4 lb. it is more than amazing. Thank you so much.

Reply  |  Quote

I have just completed my first 5 day cycle and I have to say this program is amazing! I have lost 8 lbs in 5 days, this is crazy! I run so I have been in my own “training routein” but followed the diet portion. I have tried all sorts of diets and tricks but this is it, I will never go back to crazy fad diets. If you are sick and tired of working out for hours, eating less and less, being totaly frustrated and NOT seeing results then you need to give Joel’s program a try. It’s backed by sicence and is right on the money. I have my last 5K this weekend, next one not till the end of June, so I want to incorporate more body weight type exercises and less running. My question is, I love to run so what ratio should I use for running compared to body weight type exercises?

Reply  |  Quote

5/25 2-2-1. HIIT made simple. Walk 2 minutes, step it up and jog 2 minutes.
Give it all you got and run 1 minute. 5 minutes. catch your breath while you walk the next two minutes. 5 cycles, 25 minutes total, probably 300 to 400 calories just during the work out and great afterburn.
Have a great day.

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hey thank you for the tips. becoming a fitness instructor is my new dream. Just loving it all.

Reply  |  Quote

I do all three – well, a variant of #2….

First, I trim stupid stuff from my diet as often as possible. Bagels aren’t usually a problem for me, but I’m a fool for gelato!

Second, I actually LIKE running – not on the treadmill – that truly sucks – but I teach running classes and I LOVE to trail run (or bike), so I’m out there a few times of the week. (Oh, and a good trail run burns 300 calories in less than 30 minutes).

Finally, I use HIIT as a technique for walking, running and weight training, and it’s the natural way to bike in a hilly environment, so I’m doing some form of HIIT 2-3 times a week.

But, bring it on – more ways to burn 300 are good!

Day 3’s workout sucked – I couldn’t get to the gym for strength workout till after 8p and got about half done before momentary muscular failure became complete exhaustion. Day 4 Dynamic done before 7. Will do a HIIT workout this evening with walking class (well, a bit of a variant probably, again).


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How about 30 minutes on an elliptical jogger that burns 660 calories? High intensity for an old guy with joints aching usually isn’t the preferred method…right?

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Joel,

FYI: Another way to burn high calories, is to do a spin class. Easier on the knees and joints, and can really burn the calories. I do an intense spin bike workout that usually burns around 800 calories in 45-48 minutes. I use a Kiesler bike that measures the heart rate, watts, & rpms, so is fairly accurate.
My average heart rate bpm is 148 (high gets to around 160).
My watts output average is 295 (high gets to around 345).
My average RPMs is 75 (high gets to 110).

Reply  |  Quote

Great post. Thanks!

Reply  |  Quote

Number two doesn’t need to suck. I’m on the computer for several hours each day. By putting my laptop on my treadmill and walking at 1.5 mph at a 9% incline I burn over 1000 calories a day most days doing what I would be doing anyway so it isn’t boring. Better then just sitting on my behind watching it grow wider.

Reply  |  Quote

Slightly concerned at the anti-walking vibe here. I know you very specifically say walking for an hour on a treadmill, and I totally agree that that’s a pretty pointless way of passing an hour. But proper walking outside is GOOD exercise, and absolutely doesn’t “really suck”. It has well proven benefits for the heart and general well-being, it’s very low impact, it’s extremely good for keeping the back & sacral joints in shape and OK, it may not be as good for fat reduction as the intense/interval training, but it’s still a really positive thing to do. Be a real shame if people reading these posts take away the thought that ‘walking sucks’. There is more to fitness and well-being than just losing fat. I do appreciate that that’s your main focus here, but I’m sure you don’t want to create the ‘collateral damage’ of actually putting people off a great activity for general wellbeing. It’s actually pretty easy to build some extra walking time into the day by simply changing a few routines, so the best option of all is to lose even more calories by getting some walking in as well as the official exercise sessions etc.

Reply  |  Quote

Hey Joel

Your xtreme fat loss progaram is awesome. I’ve just finished the first five days and I lost 2.1kgs, a cm off all my measurements. I knew the program would work but I wasn’t expecting such great results in the first 5 days. Thank you so much. By the way I’m a huge fan of HIIT cardio.

Thanks Jane

Reply  |  Quote

@ Kellie:
Nicely put! Walking as an alternative to HIIT may not compare for fat loss, but as an alternative to sitting? Awesome! Better circulation, bone density, joint lubrication, longer life…I believe the human body was designed to walk, and then we came up with sitting as an afterthought.

Reply  |  Quote

Joel, great post!
been following the blog for a while, this is my first ever post
you only get out (reward) what your willing to put in(Effort)
pleased with my self this week
just completed the first 6 days of Xtreme fat loss diet. with today being 2nd cheat day!
weighed in this morning.
overall weight up 2lb at 179lb
body fat down 4% or 7lb
abs showing nicely!

training every day has been hard but the workouts that Roman has put together, even thrown in some fast / slow swimming afterwards to burn a few extra cals.
Ready for the next 5 days!

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