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5 Solutions to TRIPLE Fat Loss Results

Posted by Joel Marion

NOTE: If you have not yet read yesterday’s article, The Limiting Factor You Don’t Even KNOW About, do that now by clicking HERE (page opens in a new window).  You first need to fully understand the information in that article in order to fully grasp the “solutions” presented in today’s article.

Once finished, check out today’s dynamite content, starting with a 30-second introduction from Dr. K:

5 Solutions To TRIPLE Fat Loss Results
by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS
etabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert


Yesterday we spoke about 5 nervous-system related issues preventing YOU from getting great fat loss results with your exercise program:

1. Muscle Imbalances
2. Incoordination
3. Sub-sensory pain signals in your joints
4. Inflammation & resultant decreased circulation
5. Improper use of rest periods in exercise program

Today, I’m giving you 5 solutions to counteract each of these 5 problems… the kinds of things you can start doing RIGHT NOW & watch your love handles melt away and your results take off. Here they are:

1. Multi-Planar Movement
2. Movement Complexes
3. Muscle Balancing
4. Mindset Shift
5. Motor Learning

Solution #1 – Multi-Planar Movements:

We live in a 3D world.  We need to train in a 3D way.

By working on exercises that involve forward/backward motion, side/side motion, and rotational motion, you are training in a real-life way and challenging your muscles and nervous system in a real-life way.  The end result is stronger signaling, a stronger connection with your nervous system, and exponentially greater and faster fat loss results.

Here is an example of the squat, performed in all 3 planes of movement:

As an added point, it is very difficult to create imbalances between muscles when you are recruiting their fibers from so many directions during an exercise program and in a way that is natural for the body to move.  Without muscle imbalance (as you’ll see below), you build healthy joints & improve circulation, leading to improved strength & faster fat loss.

Solution #2 – Movement Complexes:

Movement complexes involve doing multiple exercises, often times using only 1 exercise modality, without rest before taking a prolonged rest break and repeating again.  For example, in the Double Edged Fat Loss method for Neuro Fat Loss, I use the following arrangement of exercises, all without a rest break, and all with the same piece of equipment:

  • Squat
  • Push
  • Lunge
  • Pull
  • Plank

For a better understanding of the Full Throttle Fat Loss method, how it can help you, and what movement complexes are, check out one of my visits to the NBC studios below:

By performing many exercises back to back in this format, you stimulate a greater metabolic demand across your entire body, improving circulation significantly.  With increased total-body circulation, it is extremely difficult for swelling to become deposited in one particular area.  Your muscle pump system will be working well for you, and you will be taking the demand off of your venous & lymphatic systems.

In the end,  more of your energy will be able to be devoted to your exercise, rather than other processes.  You will lose fat faster.

Solution #3 – Muscle Balancing:

Muscle = Your Metabolism.

Unless you effectively balance the muscles around a joint, your body will stop growth and progress dead in its tracks.

In the video below, I teach you exactly what muscle balancing is, why it’s important, and some really important take home points that you can use with your fat loss program right now:

Invest in your body by balancing muscles for a much better fat loss result.

Solution #4 – Mindset Shift:

Belief system is everything.  You truly do create your own reality.  Watch this clip from Will Smith that I think pretty much sums it up:

I believe in teaching mindset, so I’ve created an audio training system that does just that.  It all starts with positive self-talk & multi-sensory imagination.  Basically, in English, what this means is that you want to see, hear, feel, smell, & taste success.  Doing one is just not enough if you really want to melt the rest of your body fat off and truly transform,  once and for all.

The entire audio series is part of the Full Throttle Fat Loss System.

Solution #5 – Motor Learning:

Basically, it matters how much muscle you recruit in an exercise & how coordinated you move.  As we discussed yesterday, if you are doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions, the weakness is compounded 100x by not properly recruiting your entire muscle.  In order to properly recruit your muscle, your body must know where it is in space.  This is called proprioception, or position sense.

Effective position-sense training will lead to faster nerve conduction, improved signaling, more muscle recruited, and greater strength with each exercise you perform.  Your body will recruit everything it has for you, and you will get results (i.e. fat loss) exponentially faster!

Once you learn movements through the proper motor learning strategy, exercise will never be as hard again.  With Double Edged Fat Loss, you will learn to do 3-5 exercises at once, and you will get 3-5x the fat loss result.

Check out this video to see a demonstration of why Motor Learning is so important if you never want to plateau again:

In the end, if you want to lose fat THREE times faster, you must—absolutely MUST—learn to optimally address your nervous system with your training.  That’s what Full Throttle Fat Loss does.

I trust today’s article has challenged you — start applying the techniques to your training today, and in just a few days time I guarantee you’ll notice a substantial difference.


I told you this guy was BRILLIANT.  Kareem is truly living and practicing on the cutting edge of therapy and fitness, and the results his clients are achieving with his methods are, quite frankly, incredible.

If you have a question or comment for Dr. K based on the information he’s shared in the last two articles, post it below and Dr. K will be popping in to the blog to address each and every one of them again today.

Talk to you in the comments section!



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98 comments - add yours
Reply  |  Quote

@ Jessica:
Hey Jessica,

Sounds like you may have one or both of the following, although i can’t see you to properly diagnose:

Cartilage wear-down (this is not good)
Myofascial restriction (start with your IT band – this is where it usually begins)

This seems to be causing you some patellar tracking issues (knee cap moving out of place) – this can cause issue #1 over time, so it’s a good idea to start balancing out all muscles surrounding your hip joint.

hope this helps!


PS – on the lunges, where is your weight? front leg or back? 70% or more should be in the front…

Reply  |  Quote

@ Alyssa:
You’re welcome, Alyssa.

Keep us posted on how it goes :-)


Reply  |  Quote

@ AlyBabe:
Hey AlyBabe,

You’re awesome. Keep your energy going – that’s what I majored in to (PSU) – awesome career direction – enjoy!

Reply  |  Quote

@ Izel:

Hey Izel,

You want the truth, right?

Lower overall bodyfat % – sure, side step squat, side step shuffle with tband around ankles, and related exercises can help…. but ultimately, that’s a bodyfat % issue.

hope this helps!

speak soon,


PS – thanks for your trust in me. it means the world.

Reply  |  Quote

Thanks Dr K – I’ll try the shuffle – sounds like fun. Bodyfat% seems more difficult to handle though :-)

@ Dr. K:

Reply  |  Quote

Wonderful information!! I learned a lot in that short segment. Oh, and thanks for adding Will Smith, I’d bite his butt :)

Reply  |  Quote

If I am in trouble with different inflammations in my muscles and nerves (neuralgias) (basically auto-immune inflammations) for a couple of months now, will your program help me to overcome it?

Reply  |  Quote

Hi Dr K:

This is very interesting information that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. So far, it resonates a lot with the dance training (specifically ballet) I’ve received over the past 25 years. In dancing, you’re constantly combining different types of movement (which requires lots of coordination), using different muscles and particularly your core (which helps with keeping muscles balanced) and engaging different types of muscles for 1-3 minutes at a time (which resonates with the concept of movement complexes). Would you agree?

I’m not a professional dancer so I don’t spend 8 hours a day in a dance studio and I don’t follow a strict a diet as professionals do. I dance because I love it and because I want to maintain (and if possible increase) the level of technique and flexibility I have worked so hard to achieve. However, the one thing I struggle with is weight maintenance, always 5-10 pounds away from where I should be. I want to be able to reach my weight goal, but more importantly, maintain it. Your program resonates a lot with what I do already, so what am I missing?

Reply  |  Quote

I enjoy the short-short video clips. Listening to and watching a 10 minute video takes time away from some learning. I alos do well with reading articles mixed in with the short video clips.
I’ve recently started trying to build/strengthen my muscles and the balanced muscle movement was a good reminder to work BOTH/ALL sides of a muscle group.


Reply  |  Quote

Loved the exercises – any chance you have a complete workout series on DVD?

Reply  |  Quote

Love all of your info, Dr. K. You and your wife always have amazing advise. Still trying to ditch about 10 more lbs of fat.

Would love to have these little video “snipets” available for iphones or ipods to take to the gym.

Keep it coming!!

Reply  |  Quote

I did Joel’s xtreme fat loss diet and I transitioned to the cheat your way thin diet after I finished, and I’m getting great results, so the fact that he recommends your program makes it very reliable to me. The videos were great, I loved the exercises, I’m sure I’ll be getting your program once it’s out, I’m very interested in the muscle balancing part. Thank you Dr. K, Joel and Roman, you guys are my heroes!

Reply  |  Quote

As to your comments abou tinformation overload, I totally agree. I used to body build and compete and was very active in sports, until I had an accident 17 years ago. I went from very active to being able to do nothing and watched my weight grow, and try to battle it back with my new limitations. I realized early on traditional weight loss, and exercise wasn’t doing it for me. Long story short, I tipped the scales at 311 pounds on a 5′ 9″ frame in the middle of April this year. I finally hit the sick and tired of being sick and tired wall on weight loss. I started searching the web looking for new ideas. I found some of them with Roman, and Joel and a few others, and started adapting some of their tecniques to what my body could manage. (I just turnned 51) I used some of the old Joe Weider princiles: Total muscle confusion; (never do the same workout the same way 2 X in a row) and Listen to my body, and what it was telling me. If I couldn’t do a recommended execise then I modified to suit. Arnold used to say that only thing that limited a person’s progress is their lack of imagination in the gym. Using these new ideas I went from 311 in mid April to 266 as of last monday, making 45lbs the most rapid weight loss I’ve ever personally accomplished. I still have about 80 to go to get to 185. I missed some of your earlier stuff so I am looking to get some direction to go some where to start at the beginning. Thx. randy

Reply  |  Quote

@ Alyssa:

haha, Alyssa! You’re hilarious – butt biting? Interesting choice… but, yeah, Will Smith is the man!

You’re very welcome :-)

speak soon,


Reply  |  Quote

@ Kaarel:
hey Kaarel,

I’m really glad you asked. That’s a tough question to answer, since I’m not evaluating you in person. However, I treat a lot of people with autoimmune dysfunction and modify the program appropriately for them… seems to be working wonders!

Here are a few key thoughts:

1) Things tend to inflame 1-2 days later, so start charting out what you do so you can get a better feel of what’s causing the inflammation (nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mindset)

2) Steady State Heart Rate Training (SSHRT) can help with some diseases/disorders and Interval-based training (high/low) helps with others. For example, Lymes’ Disease starves in an anaerorbic (oxygen-deprived) environment, so it really helps to do high/low alternation and avoid cardio during period of high inflammation.

3) There will be bad days. I hate saying this part, but the truth is that every program will have to be adapted to your needs during periods of high inflammation, and every now and then, it just won’t make sense… your body is fighting itself, and you’re fighting back.

I sure hope this helps!

…and I’d love for you to give it a shot… you can always refund if it’s not for you. More importantly, is that you never give up. You may even want to consider doing my exercise program, but under the supervision of a physical therapist in your area.

have a great day,


Reply  |  Quote

@ ICL:
hey ICL,

You’re right on point… dancing is highly coordinated and awesome exercise. I always tell my wife that she’s got a huge advantage on everyone else from her history of dancing, core stability, neuro-targeting, etc.

For her, the big thing was that nothing was changing her muscle:fat ratio, so we just honed in on that (same techniques, but just transitioned her efforts to be part of the time in the gym/home workout environment) and vooollllaaaah!

Crazy lean, all the time.

hope this helps! and thanks for your kind words :-)


Reply  |  Quote

You’re welcome, Judy!

And thanks for the feedback – keep up the awesome work!

have a great day,


Reply  |  Quote

@ Val:

Hey Val,

Actually, I do, and they are some of my proudest work to date – I train 2 people, live, in every workout, adapting for motivation, injury, exercise level, etc. the entire time – please contact my support and they’ll help you out:


Thanks so much for your interest!

have a great day,


Reply  |  Quote

@ Wendy Henderson:
Thanks Wendy!

So nice of you to mention Karen too :-)

You just made my day!

Ok, great feedback – thanks! (still working on the iPhone integration with non-product videos – it’s tricky to make it viewable for everyone and to play right… just some programming, but working on it. Product videos are different b/c I use my own video player, so I can do whatever I want)

have a great day,


Reply  |  Quote

@ Julian:
hey Julian,

You’re awesome. And I’m really glad (but not surprised) that you’re getting incredible results with Joel and Roman. Those guys are brilliant!

I’m looking forward to leading you the rest of the way – stay in touch and keep me posted, please.

have a great day,


Reply  |  Quote

@ Randy:
hey Randy,

First of all, congratulations. I’m really proud of you.

As for where to start, just keep listening… you’re on the right path and we’ll explain everything. If you have a chance, go back to yesterday’s email from Joel and check it out “The Limiting Factor You Don’t Even Know About” – I think you’ll learn a lot.

Anyway, wishing you well, and looking forward to helping you lose those last 80 pounds!

Keep rocking it,


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Is this open to international writers?

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